questionsis mortimer lighting up in the break room today?


Judging by some of his conversations with Monte I think he has been lighting up for a long time already.


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I think that Mortimer will be surprised to discover that you can't light up in public. Or inside either (pot is treated the same as tobacco: no smoking indoors in a public place). And you can't smoke outside in public (treated like alcohol). Really going to be a buzzkill. Literal.


Yup it's strict to the 'privacy of your own home'. But don't worry yet, Mortimer...The Seattle PD has been instructed to give only verbal warnings on public consumption until further notice. Amazon might get more upset, though :P


"it breaks down like this, its legal to buy it, its legal to own it, and if you're the proprietor of a hash bar its legal to sell it. it's legal to carry it, but but, but that dont matter cuz get a load of this alright, if the cops stop you in Amsterdam, its ILLegal for them to search you. I mean thats a right the cops actually DONT have."
-(that's not entirely the right wording because i quoted from memory)


Do you have to be a resident or can anyone that's there partake?


Still illegal on a federal level... not like it matters


He's respectfully waiting to share his stash with his cousin after he finally gets married to his long-time partner this weekend.


@agingdragqueen: I wasn't invited to the woot monkey wedding :(
I sounds like there has been plenty of lighting up in the break room.


@wilfbrim: Marijuana was long ago voted to the lowest law enforcement priority in Washington. It's really not the buzzkill you seem to think it is.

I've heard.


I would, however, be somewhat wary of those "special brownies" somebody left in the break room today. I could see Mortimer thinking that would be a great way to "get everybody away from this 'selling crap on the internet and making a profit' thing. Really gets me down."