questionswhy is the grinch on tbs tonight???


Sorry, really mad.. Not only did they show it 20 days too early but they cut it. They made it a 15 minute time filler. TBS just voided part if my childhood... Granted I'm old but still...It's just not right...


At least they didn't show it before Halloween. It could happen next year though.....


I saw a commercial today that was talking about New Years Day.
Heck, the stores were starting with Christmas stuff in the summer.


So wrong. Thanksgiving night, they are supposed to show Willie Wonka. Then after that, let all the Christmas shows begin.


Three words can describe this.... STINK......STANK.....STUNK!


We have most of the classic specials on DVD. Kind of miss the old-skool joy of looking forward to it coming up on TV, but the kids watch them whenever they like and love them as much as I did as a kid. And at least they're not butchered so more ads can be shoved in.