questionsi am looking for a low cost tablet to replace my…


It would help if you could give us some idea of what you're looking for in terms of usage, performance, and what "low cost" means to you.

Shooting in the dark: Google Nexus 7.


I will shoot in the dark myself. Asus MeMo Pad. 7", expandable with microSD, $150.


Want a reader that will not be obsolete in a year... Like my Nook color...and decent Internet/Apps for under $200


Will look at the two suggestions...thanks!


They are both made by Asus. The Nexus has a faster processor, better screen. The MeMo is less expensive and has expandable memory. Same OS.


HP Slate coming out next month


Have you considered the Nook HD+? They just lowered the price on them and opened the system to all Android apps. Under $200, microSD expandable, not too shabby for the pricepoint.


Yep....Bought a Nook Hd yesterday price $149. So far love it! Great screen and just the amount of android capability I wanted...for the price it is a wow!