questionswhere do you go for historical woot data? (in…


If you know which woot site it was on, click on the "Community" link and then click on "Woot Plus" tab.

Here's the one for the main woot site:


This was 18 days ago on Daily Steals. They are a deal of the day site.

Here is the google search for Woot blog reference to xyboard.


@pyxientx: Lol, almost, this was on either the main woot tab, or tech woot, but was about 8 tablets, the 8.2 motorolla tab was wifi only.


But, this is just for my education.

The tablet, meh, just looking for a 2nd tab to supplement my A500 that the fiance is using more and more at school, was thinking a 7-8" would be fun.


@pyxientx: Ah yes, you are right. Guess in my skimming at work I didn't read your post correctly....

Almost Friday.....


xyboard search.

tech history.

I hope this is what you're looking for!

By the looks of it right now... you can't search for Woot Plus items yet on this site. I think.