questionsanyone know of any good cowboy or old west themed…


If you can find this anywhere, it is awesome and my kids have been playing with their set for 3 years now, no problems:


I got my son a cowboy dress-up kit for his birthday last year and he has absolutely worn it out. It came with a red bandana, a holster, a colt revolver (cap gun) and a rifle (cap gun also). I went the extra mile and got him a felt cowboy hat from the toy aisle at walmart also. Sure the hat isn't the best quality, but I'm not going to waste my money on a authentic hat for him to play in.

I think I paid around $25 for the entire set but he's gotten every bit of that back in endless hours of play time with his sister.


Thanks. I will look for the quickdraw set. He does have cowboy hat, boots and a friend made him a left handed holster. I know he would really like toy cowboys with horses etc.