questionshave you heard of acn inc.?


Just taking a peek at the home page, it looks like a Multilevel Marketing scam.


And a second look, this time at Wikipedia, confirms it:


I hadn't until now, but thanks.


Difference between a pyramid and an MLM (avon, Mary-kay, ACN)
I went to a meeting for the first time earlier. If you look at the basic structure of most businesses a pyramid scheme uses a similar structure, but people are investing into nothing which causes it to collapse. ACN is working with companies that you already use in your home such as your home energy, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Att, Comcast, and others such as home security, internet security, home phones, video phones, etc... These are products people just won't live without. ACN is just another form of marketing such as commercials and printed advertisement. Word of mouth has been the most effective form of advertisement out of any once a products name has already reached world-wide notability. Personally I trust my sister to tell me about a product than some celebrity. Everytime you pay your bills, someone is getting paid (advertisement), why not you?


@jasminek725: "If you look at the basic structure of most businesses a pyramid scheme uses a similar structure"

That basic phrase is parroted by almost all MLM schemes. I heard it in a pitch from a Quixtar rep. Pyramid shapes exist everywhere in nature, but the fact that corporate chain of command is roughly triangle-shaped is the ONLY parallel between that and MLM.

The very fact remains that the only people who make enough money at all are the ones who have recruited many who have in turn recruited many. This exploits the people at the bottom in such a bad way that it's inherently unethical.

I have lost a good friend who got completely swept away in one of these businesses. I won't say that all are bad, as Avon still has good products and they allow retail stores to be set up by their reps. Most of these types of businesses sell very good products, though, but don't allow the sales reps to make proper profits. And then, in turn, the only way to make money is to recruit.


Isn't their spokesman Wile E Coyote?



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