questionsis the ps vita worth buying?


If the launch titles interest you I would probably go for it. I doubt the titles will get much better than the launch selection (which is pretty awesome).

It might also be worth it if you already own a lot of Playstation 1 through PSN.


@eyeflytwohigh: I think that even if you have PS1 titles through PSN, you have to buy them again to get them on the Vita, so that's not really a good reason to get one.

From what I've heard, the Vita isn't even that good of a handheld gaming device anyways. Sales in Japan pretty much tanked, with a lot of people complaining about it. I think. It could possibly be another system though, so I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the Vita that's having a lot of problems.


You can re-download titles, depending on the # of devices you use and the game itself, so the ps1 titles don't necessarily have to be bought again.

As for the game 'failing'...the thing is $250, and it has to compete within its own brand, the PSP is still huge in JP due to it's hack-ability.

I myself have the wifi version, w/ only one game, and am pretty satisfied. Graphics are great, dual analogs is pretty sweet, touch screen is apple quality, and the demos will hold me.

As first stated, the titles coming out for it are pretty sweet, but if there's nothing you like now, there probably won't be much later on.

Not a Sony fanboy. I do have the ps3 but it's a bluray player for my family... I haven't played a game on it for probably more than 2 years. More of a PC/Microsoft guy. Vita will be changing things up though.

Also, extremely expensive hardware. Besides the actual console, a quality memory card is at least $50(16GB), along w/ expensive games minus psp titles/sony minis


@diesmiley: Agreed! I feel the same way.