questionsshould the government release public message…


Wow, negative votes but no comments. Seems people don't like the idea of being responsible for their own actions!


Asking an accusatory question that immediately alienates anyone who disagrees with you is a recipe for downvotes. Your question was simply a way to state your opinion, and wasn't inviting to conversation. That's why you got downvoted. That's also why you have no answers.

Personal responsibility - it starts with you. Find a way to word the question more openly, you'll find an open dialog and active community to speak with.


You wandered in here off the street and asked a question that sounds really trollish to a bunch of complete strangers.

And you're surprised that you're getting a lot of negative responses? Try taking responsibility for your own action of trollery.



wow, what a bunch of whiners. I suppose I really got my answer. If you aren't 'man' enough to answer the question honestly then you are part of the problem. All trolling aside. I am a very frank person, and if you take offense to the way the question is stated, grow up and deal with what life hands you.


This question is troll like and when you did not get the response you wanted you whined . They were just trying to help you.
I agree with @magic cave: @thumperchick: if you asked with your real account and in a way to promote conversations then you would have received a much more satisfying conversation with only a few downvotes.
FYI I do admit to my mistakes, I also explain my steps that led me to my incorrect decision, most people value this, some people just do not care and get pissed I am 'defending my mistake'.