questionsanyone know of any kitchenaid pro 600 black…


In my experience, the pro 600 will dip down to $300 on the online sites (AMZN, Newegg, and this is including a MIR. I did see them for $299 at Williams-Sonoma last year (or two yrs ago), but that was a physical store and they had 10 of them sitting at the front counter. Kohl's and Sears are also good sources. I also saw them at Costco once for $300.

Be sure to click on the different color options on AMZN. Sometimes the prices will vary.


You are just going to have to keep your eyes open and look at those sites. I really don't know if you are going to be able to find a new one for that price, or at least on a 600. Some of the contributors to that thread were confusing sales on the 500 series with the 600 (big difference).


Thanks for all the input and help. I will keep looking and waiting for the black friday ads to come out.