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Thanks @thunderthighs for the update! Try not to get hit by any falling clouds - though I guess that wouldn't be so bad, since they are all light and fluffy it probably wouldn't hurt :)


OK, who forgot to put fuel in the Virginia data center generators?


@missellienc: sorry, my bad. I plugged one too many toasters into the surge protector.

@thundthighs: thanks for the update, and nifty chart of server statuses (statii?).


@okham: Ah, so it's your fault? It was extremely windy here too. It passed through on it's way to Virginia.


Stupid question: Why is deals.woot unaffected (at least, for the past few hrs and right now) by the same cloud issues creating havoc with the other woot sites?


Could this be another Snapster attack? He messed up Woot's servers at the beginning of the Woot-Off, and now he's going for Amazon. What's next? My prediction is that he takes out the whole internets.


I really wanted that shirt.woot shirt today too!


It was raining that's why the clouds were falling out


@neo2000: That was great. I want the tech to record a meeting from an empty room after it happened. Then I wouldn't even have to go...


It's over, right? ..... Right?


@reginafilangee Amazon's AWS Virginia datacenter is boken into 5 parts they call Availability Zones. The availability zone that went down last night was US-EAST-1 B. Deals is hosted in D and therefor was able to stay up.


@chadmoran: Thanks for the explanation! I don't need another answer, b/c I'm sure it's probably not as simple as it sounds....and I'm merely pondering....but if deals.woot can be handled through a different/separate zone from the "main" woot sites, it would seem prudent to maybe divide the other ones up into different zones rather than lumping them all together in one. That way, at least one or two would always be "up", since not many wooters know they can come over here for info, and there are people like me who avoid FB like the plaque (it never occurred to me to check there, anyway.)

But I won't tell you how to do your job if you promise to not tell me the best suture choice or surgical method for repairing an intestinal obstruction with perforation of the jejunum. :-)

Hope you have a more boring and quiet night tonight!


Here's a little more info for everyone. I posted this in the other AWS thread too.

For those with inquiring minds, looks like it may have been generator issues.

"The outage marked the second time this month that the Amazon data center hosting the US-East-1 availability zone lost power during a utility outage. Major data centers are equipped with large backup generators to maintain power during utlity outages, but the Amazon facility was apparently unable to make the switch to backup power.

Amazon experienced an outage June 15 in its US-East-1 availability zone that was triggered by a series of failures in the power infrastructure, including the failure of a generator cooling fan while the facility was on emergency power. The same data center also experienced problems early Friday, when customers experienced connectivity problems."

Here's a link to the entire article: Link


@reginafilangee The article that @missellienc posted has a nice quote:

"The latest outage was unusual in that that it affected Netflix, a marquee customer for Amazon Web Services that is known to spread its resources across multiple AWS availability zones, a strategy that allows cloud users to route around problems at a single data center."

Netflix, and most other major internet sites (including your truly) try very hard to avoid placing all their eggs in one proverbial basket, however sometimes something mission critical can be in a impacted zone, and failing it over to a backup in another zone is not always a easy or an automatic process. Especially if the tools used to manage this kind of thing are also impacted by the outage.


Please to explain: WHAT is a "Mechanical Turk?"


@neo2000: Is that India's version of The Onion?


@lavikinga: Psst. For fun, here's the Wikipedia disambiguation page.

Since I don't see the reference that made you ask this, I have to guess it was in one of the articles posted as a link. I've read none of them, but otherwise, your comment makes no sense, and usually you're reasonably sensible, so...

I strongly suspect that it was the chess playing machine, however.

One of the longest running hoaxes I know of (84 years).


@shrdlu: I saw it in TT's link in her original comment. And the internet remains a strange and terrific place even with its magic clouds and trolls.


o o - this entire thread is not clear to me - I only speak very simple English!!! I am going to become literate about this stuff someday - someday! All I know is that there were a few websites that I could not see and that I am missing several Emails from my daughter out in the Seattle area.


@lavikinga: Huh. Who knew? I never even noticed the link on the AWS page.

I think I knew about this, vaguely, but would not have noticed it on the page. Fascinating business, really, that they took the name from the original chess playing machine. You just never, ever know.


@joneholland: Thanks! Makes sense now. That's all the explanation I need. :)
I appreciate the time you took to excerpt that for me, as I had no desire to read the entire article, lol.