questionswhat's a good, high quality webcam?


Sounds like you should be more concerned with a fast internet connection mostly. Personally I believe any 40-60 dollar 720p Webcam should do the job just fine. My two cents.


@cowboydann is right. You'll want to make sure you've got a good net connection. Doesn't matter how good the cam is if you've got a crappy cam.

That being said, up until tomorrow, Office Depot has the Logitech C310 which can shoot up to 720p at 5PM (software interpolated) for only $29.99 (normally $49.99). I picked it up to replace an OLD Logitech Quickcam Express and I LOVE IT.


@brotherhalo: "Doesn't matter how good the cam is if you've got a crappy cam." wut? I know what you meant ;) but with all the times I poke fun at myself it's nice to poke someone else once and a while.


Don't forget bright lighting. A good cam with crap lighting still means a slow red slide show. Nice lights make a nice movie.
Do your setup before you try it out. Where does your lighting go; how far are you from the cam for a good picture; where do you put and aim the mic for decent sound.
Double check your background. Nekkid girls on the couch and a beach in the window don't make a business conference excuse work. A sheet or a bedspread hung up work well. DAMHIK