questionsdo you know about the wine.woot plus that starts…


I did not know. There's nothing now, but I'm sure something'll come along later in the day - maybe at 9AM CT when the BigFoot/NormalFoot deals end. I look forward to it.


My relatives are seriously jonesing for more of the Fleur de Sel chocolate caramels. Doesn't sound like that's going to happen, but we'll see.

Dropped $170 on that balsamic vinegar today..hoping it lives up to it's hype or they'll be calling me Krampus at the family Xmas party. ^^


@dreamyvelvet: Let me put it to you this way: It can make a pound of high end parmesan cheese with all it's grainy, salty wonderfulness disappear from a cheese board in less than 15 minutes.

I like to put small cubes of parmesan on a toothpicks along with a half of a Santa Sweet grape tomato and drizzle the balsamic over the top. Joyousness in the mouth.


For those who missed the Balsamic vinegar yesterday - it's now available as a Plus deal. I'm assuming that means you can order more even if you did order it yesterday. Not sure, though.


And so, it appears there won't be a separate tab. Guess you just have to keep looking at the Plus deals to see if something changes. And hope you don't miss what you're waiting for. ::sigh::

Side note:

Wine is the answer


I forgot the question.


@gmwhit: Buy ALL the basalmic. :D

it is so good

vote-for1vote-against :-( Finally found exquisite gifts. Expensive, too. o-O Seemingly worth every cent. The Balsamic, the huge salami w/extras, and the grape oils are now ordered for my son & dil. Am trying to avoid the candy deals. Need help. Shipping is v.e.r.y. dangerous.


@inkycatz: Am assuming it IS 'to die for.' Haven't read one negative. I ordered 2 yesterday. Gifted 1 today for my son/dil. I know they will appreciate it. ...Along w/the other items I ordered for them. Anyone know anything about the 'grape seed' oils?