questionsis anyone else excited that "breaking bad"starts…


ME! Honestly, I'm irritated the way they decided to make the last season 2 parts, and spread it out over 2 seasons. I just hope it was worth the wait


@capguncowboy: I wish we got it all at once, too, but the writers probably earned the extra time to cook up (as it were) the ending. And I'll be shocked if it's not worth every second of the wait.


I've never seen the show. I'm sure I would enjoy it, but considering the fact that I haven't, and people are always saying "Oh man! You need to see this!" I'd have to say I am glad it's ending. Then people can nag me about a different show.

I'm currently playing catch up for The Walking Dead.


One of my favorite things about BB is that the actors seem like really cool people in real life.


i'm sad to see it go, but i'm glad they are going out on top. Puling a "seinfeld" for lack of a better term. I hate to see good shows wear out their welcome and jumping the shark....cough...lost...cough... simpsons... cough...


@abramokids: Oh man! you have to see it before it's over! ;)


@pulsetv: I use to love Cranston as "Hal" in malcom in the middle. He was so goofy and always dancing and roller skating and acting like an idiot. It was crazy to see him play Mr. White and transform into Heisenberg. He really is a good actor and killed it in BB. but like you were saying, he seems cool as hell in real life. He was recently on the Colbert Report, and in one skit he was dressed up in some 70's disco gear and roller dancing with colbert. It's cool to see his success hasn't gone to his head and he's still willing to act like a goofy idiot when its called for.