questionsdid you hear that princess kate is pregnant?


and 0 (profanity) where given. Except the one that created the baby.


yes, and we decided to name him after me :) Sir David the 2nd.


Yes I actually heard. It was a "Breaking News" popup on my yahoo mail page. That's a first. Somehow I doubt it's a last. I did not appreciate it. Breaking news that the president has been shot, or Chicago has been bombed? Ok. Some other country's royalty will be expecting a new member next summer? Hardly Breaking News interrupt people with a pop-up worthy. Leave it to the highlights page.


I'm not a Royals watcher, but I'm sorry to hear the Duchess of Cambridge has been hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. 18 weeks of Oh-Gawd-Please-Someone-Kill-Me-Now NON-STOP nausea, vomiting and over 2 months hospitalization with BOTH of my pregnancies. Thank goodness the last pregnancy was a -Two-for-One including an unexpected Boy, because I was never gonna do THAT again!

The worst part of it all was being told it was "all in my head." The girl who never got cramps, had an iron stomach, and could remember throwing up maybe all of three times in her life, who was now vomiting when she smelled WATER, was suffering from a psychosomatic disorder. Yeah.

I hope for her sake she only has it for a short time.


Meh. That child will never see a crown on its head.