questionsdo you think samsung phones have become moreā€¦


you people and your fancy pants phones. a pox on your houses!

but yes, i do think Apple is losing ground on the innovation front.


Yes! But only because I have a Samsung and I believe my farts smell better than everyone else's now.


Absolutely. My experience is that people only go for iPhones because they don't know anything else. I have yet to meet someone (and I'm in the tech industry) that has gone from an Android phone to an iPhone.
Is Samsung particularly special? I think they are innovative, but so are other companies like HTC.


while I think he was a total tool, Steve Jobs WAS apple. Without him, they'll have to struggle to be as hip as they once were.


@sporadic: HTC is just as good a brand. The only reason I have a Samsung instead is because my HTC Sensation "broke" and while waiting for the screen repair to come in the mail I impulse bought the SG3 because it was pretty and on sale.
My Sensation is rooted, has ICS, runs great and looks amazing now that it has a brand new touch screen. My wife enjoys it much more than her old LG Mytouch 4G.

Ohhh I could go on and on...
The user interface for the iPhone is great for people that do not want to tap into their phone's potential. Android is more for dev or people that want to mess around will any and all settings.


I love my Samsung. I've had everything except an iphone, but I do know someone who went from a Samsung to an iphone and HATES it. She's going back to a Samsung asap. I also know someone who went from driod to apple and loves it though, I think it's personal taste.
But yes, I think since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple's starting to stumble. Samsung's been looking good!


@sporadic: I had numerous Android phones before purchasing an iPhone. Love it! The apps in general are better. And the battery life is much better. Don't regret switching at all.


The question implies Apple has ever been innovative in the first place. And the Apple fanbois can downvote this into oblivion, but documented facts are documented facts...Apple has done NOTHING first. They take from someone else, they may or may not modify it a little, but the only thing they invent is buzz, then turn around and claim they did it first and try to sue everyone.

Downvote in denial, but search your feelings, you know it to be true. Jobs was the man behind the curtain, and I'll give him his props, he was GOOD. But he's gone and the house of cards is falling.


Personally I think both are overpriced and not made well. However, each will retain their loyal people. I have had both and I prefer my HTC Evo.


@triplebud: I'm a bit annoyed at HTC. Wife and I got evo 4g's about 6 months after sprint started carrying them. HTC NEVER released updates for that phone's android OS, so unless we root them, we're stuck with an outdated android OS.

It's a decent phone, but twice now I've had to do a hard reset where all data not on the microSD card gets wiped (because the phone was stuck trying boot. Even rempoing the battery did nothing to fix it.)

When our current contract is up in a few months, we're both going to get samsung phones because of the poor support for what was an otherwise good phone from HTC.


@stile99: I have to disagree a little... Apple has been innovative on the design side of things. Most of their gadgets DO look and feel pretty cool.


@kamikazeken: I understand what you are saying...and agree to an extent. Apple products sure do 'look cool'. But is 'looking cool' really an innovation? If you put spinning rims on your car, they might 'look cool' but only an idiot would think that means you invented the wheel.


@kamikazeken: hey I know this is late. I completely agree with the reboot issue on HTC. The only way I was able to get it stable was to hack it. However once I did it was the best phone I've ever owned. So its a catch. Hard to recommend a phone to the average user and tell them it will be the best phone they ever use but you need to learn how to root and rom your phone first.
The Samsung however is very user friendly, comes with ust about every feature stock and they look very pretty.

I can completely understand how some people hear all the above and say "yeah okay who wants any of that? I'm going Apple"