questionswanna see my new car?


Very nice, and congratulations. I hope you love your new car. I will be waiting to hear about your many adventures in the new wheels.


Very nice, the only thing missing is a Smiley Face Tie Dyed woot monkey hanging from the review mirror :-)


Awww, I'm going to miss the periodic installments of the "Guess What's Wrong With My Car" game.

Congrats and happy driving!


congrats and agree with other, will be missing the guess whats wrong now games


Thats a nice lookin automobile you got there. I'll trade ya 5 heafers, 3 milk goats, a handful of chickens, 2 gallons of whiskey, and all the potatoes you can eat through the winter fer it.

Congrats! TT may your beloved Sebring RIP


@pitamuffin: HA! I'm hoping I won't need those for a while.

The last one ended up being lower control arms and sway bar end links. Both on the front end.


Niice! I love the design of the Dart. Enjoy the new car!


Congrats & enjoy! (it's entirely possible my husband built your new seats!)


I hope you have as much fun as I do watching the average mpg climb up on a new car! I'm at 35mpg overall average and up to 39mpg on recent tanks with my Fiesta :D


Nice ride TT, we should go cruisin' sometime.


Very nice, I was looking at one of those myself. Hope it works out.


Nice, but shoulda got a convertible.


@pooflady: I've had 3 convertibles. I was ready for a change. This is my first sedan in over 30 years!


Any more fun stories from the dealership? Did they try and sell you a special warranty for the transmission disgronificator? Special underbody treatments? Special tires and wheels? Floor mats? How about a great discount on ADM?

(Note: ADM was/is a little line item thrown in on the "supplemental sticker" that some dealers use. It will include dealer add on (mats and whatnot) added to the sticker. ADM stands for "additional dealer markup". If you EVER see this kind of thing on a car, walk out. Immediately.)