questionswhat do you wish you were better at?


grabbin a brigget of crickets


Everything, but I am neurotic, knowing it makes being neurotic less stressful.


Sports in general. I've never been naturally athletic; it's always taken a lot of practice for me to get competitive in any sport that involves quick coordination.


time management and motivation, so i can do all the stuff i want to do.

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Gosh, so many things :) but in all seriousness I'd say organization. I have a certain talent for it at times in specific instances, but overall I'm a pretty darn disorganized person. And messy on top of that. It is a miracle my husband puts up with me.

I also wish I could sing better - I can carry a tune and not embarrass myself at karaoke, but I have a very limited range.


Drawing. I love to draw, but I'm not so great at it.


I wish I was a better astronaut. Currently my career path is far away from that goal, not to mention the current administration's attitude toward NASA.


@no1: Could you possibly be an old ytmnder? I noticed your avatar :)


Singing. Can't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it, but I LOVE to sing! Well, maybe I'm not that bad, but I have a very limited range and some days I have no range at all. I've always wanted to be able to grab the microphone and belt out a song. I could give it a try, but I suspect I would lose a lot of friends.

Now that I think of it, I wish I could dance, play the harp, paint a masterpiece, write the Great American Novel, act, manage my time, keep my house clean, make pastries, cure cancer, grasp theoretical physics, solve the problems of education and hunger, and look terrific in a bikini.

But singing is number 1. Yup.


Asking and answering questions here. Seriously, no offense intended. This is an awesome question, but mine seem to fall flat. :(


Any of the arts. Can't sing. Can't dance. Can't draw.


Any sport worth knowing ... I can golf, play tennis, table tennis, darts, pool,etc. I would love to be able to hit a shot on the court as well as I can hit a low ton in darts :(


Two things:

A) Being a good person

B) Relationships/Being likeable


Being brave: handling criticism, taking that leap, admitting when I'm wrong.


@no1: you mean motivating people to do things you want done or motivating yourself?


I am so challenged in math - always was. I decided that as an adult with understanding of the fear of failure when in high school, etc. that I had come far along in life to go back to take college math coueses. FAILURE. Accounting - governmental as well as commercial - no problem. Algebra on up - ghastly, embarassing, migraine inducing . . . .


As I quickly glanced at the question, I read it as "Do you wish you were better at art?" and I answered to myself yes, yes I do wish I was better at art. So I think my subconscious answered the question for me. I wish I was able to submit something cool to the shirt.woot derbies.


Generating new business