questionshas anyone else noticed woot! shipping has…


Repeat - Never had a problem with Woot shipping in the first place.


I had an order shipped via UPS from a state other than sure, shipping has overall improved, but SmartPost hasn't and won't, and that's what woot! uses. I think when they sell stuff that is distributed by another company, it ships faster. It's always luck of the draw with're lucky if it gets shipped another way


I bought the turntable from Sellout.woot on Thursday, and it already arrived on Tuesday. I didn't even get the shipping notification email until Tuesday morning! Very fast, no complaints.


yes it seem to be getting quicker
the items i orderd last week already showed up


We ordered 3 of the JVC 37" tv's last week. One showed up in 2 days, the second after 5 days, and we're still waiting on the third.

OBTW...they kick ass...very nice TV's....look/smell new...


It took me a month to get my monkey from the last woot off, so in my experience, no.


there have been multiple times that I have not got shipping notification for days after stuff has actually shipped and sometimes after it has been delivered. I just try to remember to check for stuff about a week after I order it. And I also try to warn the post-person that a box is coming.


I've noticed it recently on the shirt.woot side of things as well. The past couple of weekly sales where I nabbed something, the item came immediatly after the new sale. I ordered a derby winner, and got it before it was Reckoned a mere week later.

So yeah, I'd say that woot is bringing their A game on the shipping of late.