questionsany thoughts on the boc-less wootoff?


I have a thought regarding no BOC. Thanks woot! Thanks for all the effort that it takes to organize. Thanks for taking the time to make the anniversary crap so much fun, and thanks for giving me a place to hang out all day (in between work of course). As far as not having one during the woot off, I think with all the effort that went into the anniversary crap, you earned yourself a nice break. Although I love me some crap, you guys don't get enough credit and probably get a lot more complaints about the wootoffs than thanks.


I ignored the Woot Off this time around. Until they make some system and/or application changes, I doubt you'll see a BOC sold through the normal channels. They may offer them through Facebook, Twitter, etc., like they did for their birthday. I've gotten several BOCs in the past but I believe my lucky streak is over. I won't follow the other social media sites just to buy a BOC.


Well, since Woot! gave away a gazillion birthday craps, just a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think there would be any this time. But the Woot hordes, even those who bagged several of the birthday craps, can never be appeased. Give them more and they want more.

I like Woot-Offs, but I've pretty much given up reading the Wooters' comments for the items up for sale. I can get a little nauseating at times.


@barnabee: Yep, I can get a little nauseating at times, but I meant to say "it" can get.

Time to visit the doc. "But doctor my head feels okay, it's my heart that's broken."



Well arguably this was one of the worst woot-offs for many reasons:

*so many expensive toys and not enough cheaper ones (by toys I mean gizmos).
*the lack of variety certainly didn't help move things along (on main woot anyway, how many speakers, headphones, headsets, tvs, tablets etc did we see?)
*no contest from @PemberDucky and @InkyCatz (or I missed it, seriously love the contests makes me think creatively)
*no BOC (although, this was a smaller point because of the anniversary crap and figured they weren't gonna do it after the first day)

And you know what? I had more fun chatting it up with fellow wooters on DWChat than following the Woot-off for both of those days.



I didn't like that there was no BoC. I didn't know when/where they did the birthday BoC's, so I basically expected one to come up where I'd expect one to come up... during a Woot Off. So, I'm pretty disappointed. I liked it when they had it at random times with a few chances during a few previous ones, and was hoping they were going to do that again. Not only do I like trying to "score" a BoC, I enjoy opening it with my family when it comes, and the "golf clap" my daughter gives me when I get excited about... crap.

But, even though I am disappointed by it, I appreciate the $5 shipping for all items.


@lichme: I think they get plenty of thanks. I don't recall seeing people being thanked for doing their job more than I see people thanking the Woot Staff for doing theirs (which I'm guessing they get paid in money to do, and I can only imagine don't dread going to vastly more days than not).


@grimskull89: aw, man, i hate to hear that you had a less fun b/c we didn't do a game.* for the record, i dropped the ball this time. Inky was ready to go. this is on me.

i'll do right by you fine folks next time!

*although it's a little nice to know our absence was noticed.....


@grimskull89: Aw, thanks for the comments on the games! As you know we like to try to do a lot of different things to keep things fresh and interesting, so feedback really helps.


@missellienc: I really hope you're wrong, because I don't use any social media sites and have no plans to do so.


@kmeltzer Sure, the employees are just doing their jobs. But, I don't know a lot of (any actually) online retailers that interact with their customer base as much as Woot! All of the give-aways, surprises, events, fun are the brain child of the employees. Without the great employees of Woot!, it would be just another site where you spend loads of cash and regret it 2 weeks later when you discover you did in fact spend $8 on crap.

We are thanking the employees for keeping a great site, such as Woot! operational.

So, I'm with Lichme in thanking the woot employees!
@woot @agingdragqueen @pemberducky @inkycatz @jumbowoot and all the others that I don't know the names off the top of my head !

You can never be thanked too much.


@bogie21: I think it's time that I tell you, I'm also @woot in Turntable.

There's not an actual @woot here.


I had a great time in DWChat during the Wootoff. Not even the tiniest but concerned about the lack of boc, because so many were offered just 2 weeks ago.

I just flushed the toilet with my foot. Thanks woot!


@bogie21: Well, I think that thanking them (yet again) as a non-response to someone's question isn't when they should (yet again) be thanks for doing their job.


@pemberducky and @inkycatz

I always look forward to the contests, and advertise them too cause I like the competition :D

just ask @thunderthighs I probably remind her once or twice per woot-off haha~ ^.^;;

Anyways glad to hear that we'll be getting another one next month! I look forward to it!


@magic cave: Couldn't agree with you more on the social media part. I am appearing to be crap-less for the remainder of my time here, which doesn't bother me at all. $8 will buy a decent lunch in my city.


I miss the old days when BOCs weren't "expected" as part of a woot-off but they were the nightly deals of their own.

And the woot off itself was a treat...
("You mean I don't have to wait another 23:58 for a new item to buy?!? W00T!)


I've got your BoC right here!

Everyone wants a Bucket of Cheddar after a woot-off, right?


I finally broke down + bought the monkeys.


I am not surprised by the lack of a BoC.

In fact, given that I am on vacation with a marginal wifi signal and only my tablet and phone, I am glad that woot did not offer any BoC because I likely would have missed them regardless. As it was, I did not spend much time online during the woot-off and missed some wine and at least one other item that I would have purchased.

I did purchase two items, both for others (one for my gf at her request, the second as a Christmas gift).

All in all, it was OK... nothing to write home about, but definitely not the worst woot-off in my experience.