questionscan anyone give me a free shipping coupon code?


Sure, FREESHIP123.

However, since you didn't say where you wanted the free shipping code for, I'm also not telling you where that code works. :)

More seriously, Deals.woot doesn't sell anything, they're an site where the community posts deals from other sites. Asking here for a shipping code for some random site without specifying what one you're talking about doesn't make sense.

Oh, and coupon codes for Woot sites can't be shared, in case that's what you're looking for.


You guys are killing me with your down votes. Somebody asks about a free shipping code, and you act like they stole money from your mother. I am always looking for free shipping codes to retail sites I visit, and I am sure most other wooters do the same. So give this guy a break for asking a reasonable question...


@tarasadies: Down-vote(s) might come from the fact the account that asked the question was created today, didn't buy anything, didn't search, asked a question without being specific, etc.


@xarous: Whoa. I didn't realize the depth of the user's depravity. Heck with down votes, we should find this heathen and skin 'em alive...


@tarasadies: Wait, I'll grab my pitchfork.

*Edit: The whole create-ask-a-question accounts were used by spammers quite often in the past. I don't know if they can still do that as it was said once that the rep formula was getting altered to prevent a lot of spammer rampant abuse.


I've got the torch ready.............


alert the villagers...........


Coupon codes for Woot tend to be tied to a specific account, so even if I gave you one of mine (which I'm pretty sure I used already anyway), it wouldn't help you.


Am I too late for the lynching? I brought tar and feathers!


Hey wise guy,

Everybody here has a 90+ rating, YOU - "0"

I just downvoted you !

Wanna come do somethin' 'bout it ?


@computiac: Hey not so wise guy. I have a 95 rep, you've a 90. I just downvoted you! See how stupid that sounds?


@captainsuperdawg: Here I thought you were going to play nice.

You did not downvote me the other day when I gave you advice on the laptop !


@computiac: That was his playing-nice mode. You really don't want to see his not-nice mode at all. Ever.

Or so I've heard.


@tarasadies: He got a free shipping code in the very first response to his question. If you a better code for him, post it. Otherwise, you're part of the problem about which you're complaining.

(No, I'm not totally serious, but it is kinda fun to make up totally silly put-downs, isn't it?)


@magic cave: You've heard right then. But my not-nice mode rarely ever comes out, especially on deals.

@computiac: That's because you were being helpful and productive then.


@captainsuperdawg: Thank's

I knew you would sweet talk me !

So I just up-voted you.


TAXSUCKS will get you free shipping on woot sites if you are in a state for which woot collects salestax and your order total is at least $40.01.