questionswhat is the best video game that came out…


I can recommend Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect 3. I've heard good things about The
Last of Us and Crysis 3 as well.

Wedit: DS3 is 14.99 at gamefly:


@okham: Thanks for the suggestions. I'd feel weird buying a used game for a birthday present.


@intensesupernova: whoops. Didn't realize it was used.


@okham: Yeah, maybe someone should update it.


@intensesupernova: @okham's pretty dead on as far as recommendations.. TLOU was really good too - first ~2 hours kind of sucked though.
- Silent Hill Downpour - I'd throw that on the list too.. I really liked that game.
- Battlefield 3 if he doesn't already have it - that game has given me countless hours of entertainment :).
- If he likes Skyrim you could get him some of the expansions if he doesn't already have them (or the money/MS points to buy them).. Everyone has said the DLC for that game is great.

For what it's worth "used" GameFly games are 99% new.. They've spent their lives sitting on a shelf and come with all package inserts/instructions, etc.. the games are repaired to perfect working order and they usually look spankin' new :).
But I can understand feeling weird about getting something that's 'used' heh
..So you could get him a regular game and then get DS3 as a bonus present!

I've spent like 10min trying to find games to add to the list, but it's been a slow yr.


The Last of Us.
Dragon's Crown is really great too.
Bioshock Infinite is also amazing.
Can't say I'd recommend Dead Space 3... really subpar compared to the other two. Same goes for Mass Effect 3, plus that one isn't exactly "recent."


I'm looking forward to the re-release of Kingdom Hearts for PS3. It's really three games, for one price.
You get the original game + extras, Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days. All three have never been released for PS3.

September 10th cannot come soon enough!


XBOX points or PS3 wallet money is always great as well. Might help him get a few expansion packs mom won't pay for :-) or maybe try out a few indie games.

Portal and Portal 2. So they didn't come out recently but if he's young he may not have played them and they are as good today as they ever were. no violence and the humor is abundant.


Bioshock Infinite, definitely. There's lots of decent games out there but that one really takes art direction and storytelling to a whole new level.


@okham: @stryker4526: @starblind:
Assuming he doesn't have it...
Is the Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition worth the extra $25?

BTW thank you all for your help!!


If he doesn't already have it, a PS+ subscription ($50/12 months) would be a good option, in my opinion: the big draw is that it comes with at least 1 free game every month (although he probably will not want to play them all just because of the various genres that show up). Additionally, if he has a Vita (which odds suggest he probably doesn't) or is looking to get a PS4, those also have/will get free games through PS+ as well.

Some of the AAA titles that have come free from PS+ (I couldn't tell you which are still available):
*Hitman: Absolution
*Saints Row III
*Uncharted 3 (single player)
*Battlefield 3
*Deus Ex

The automatic updating and cloud saving are nice too, but maybe not worth the price by themselves.

Disclaimer: I have been a very satisfied PS+ subscriber for the last few years.


I'm pretty sure (like 99.9% positive) he will end up with both PS4 and Xbox One at Christmastime, so you're right, the PS+ probably isn't a bad idea though the only reason he has PS3 right now is for PS3 exclusive games because everyone else has Xbox360 so he plays those games with his friends.

I was leaning towards The Last of Us originally, if he didn't get it before his birthday because I haven't seen that it will be released for PS4. It seems kind of counterintuitive buying a game for a console that is being phased out, especially if it is going to be released for the new console. So I really appreciate the suggestion of the PS+, and maybe I"ll check into Xbox Live because even if he has them, he can just piggyback it onto the end of his subscription, plus it's good for what he has now, and what he will have in a few months.


@intensesupernova: IMHO, no. Get the Season pass for $20 instead.


+1 for Bioshock Infinite
I also loved, loved Tomb Raider. Not sure how long you can wait, but the new Batman: Arkham Origins is coming out in October and if as good or better that the others in the series, it should be amazing.