questionswhat's your favorite version of 'a christmas…


The Doctor Who one.

(The real question is whether or not this answer will be here in five minutes...)


patrick stewarts one-man reading/performance


The book was better. Seriously, it was IMO.


@wisenekt: Absolutely, Muppets. The Muppet version is so good it makes it a little painful for me to watch other versions.


Muppets! Though the Patrick Stewart one (Not one-man show) was well done also.


Absolutely muppets. It makes all the other versions wish that the ghost of Christmas past had not brought them back. Although die hard is a close second.

@baqui63: I feel your pain. And you're still here.


Scrooged with Bill Murray (love that guy).


Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. I am being totally serious here. It's bookended by typically silly Magoo "blind as a bat" gags, but the main story is a stunningly good adaptation.


@okham: "I feel your pain. And you're still here."

Here, yes. But in several other places, no. In fact, entire questions disappeared, then reappeared, then disappeared and may have reappeared (or may not... I haven't yet checked.)


Mickey's Christmas Carol. It's only half an hour long and I've watched it every Christmas I can remember. I found the Muppet one later in life and really enjoy that one as well. My wife's family watches one called Scrooge with Albert Finney in it (it's a musical). It's awful, and they cherish it.