questionsdid you read this forbes article about best buy…


I can't say I disagree with some of the points laid out in the article but it does have the feel of a "hit piece", someone at forbes must be all cranked up about their canceled xmas order.

In the end, would anyone of us really miss bestbuy? Its nice to be able to buy stuff the same day when I want/need something but I can almost always find a better deal on here or amazon.


I won't miss them. When you are in business and don't care about the customer, it's bound to come back and bite you. And right now they are getting bitten big time.


I wasn't really a fan of Best Buy, but some of their deals this holiday season were pretty good, especially with video games. I'll admit I only picked up one game, but that's mostly because I missed out on the good ones!


I will be a little sad. In my personal experiences, BestBuy has improved significantly over the past 10 years. They used to be the most expensive technology store out there. But as of recently (last 3 or 4 years) their pricing has improved on many of their items. Yes, $80 HDMI cables are excessive, but you get my point.

Their sales staff has gotten much more pushy in the last year about selling bigger ticket items, and getting your "insurance policies" but that's not really unusual anymore in stores. I do like that BestBuy is a US owned company, even though most of their products are manufactured over seas. But most technological products are.


What's interesting is the presumption that it's not the online competition or higher prices that are the root cause of the problems... but rather the poor customer service and management.


@novastarj: I take it as a given that the online competitor's are driving prices and sales margins down; so in order to compete, they've lowered their customer service and sales staff down to... well, what it is now - in an effort to keep profit margins high. I understand that they need to make money to stay in business, but they handled that management poorly.

As a consumer, if I want half-a$$ed customer service, a bad attitude, and to be left out in the cold, I'll buy online for cheaper.


Just like Circuit City. And like Circuit City, I won't miss them.


Oh no! Now I'll have to find another retailer with uninformed staff, overpriced items,bad service and annoying commercials to buy all of my electronics and movies from!

Good riddance.

I don't think I've ever actually done business with them. Moreso on the principle of them being evil than the inconvenience.


Of course: I just bought a new TV and a 4-year warranty from them. Some of their deals this holiday season were the best in town (I live in a small town, so the inventory at the Best Buy here stays pretty well-stocked even with huge sales).


BestBuy going out of business? "Thank God!" It's about time, I totally hate the customer service there. There idea that they really "care" about their customer was short lived. You purchase an expensive laptop with a full pledge warranty, they insist that all your needs will be met with no hassle, but once the product goes on a frits, your "crap" out of luck, the staff will insist they have no clue on how the warranty is suppose to work, you get endless bull (Profanity) conversation from management about limited obligations to give out information to corporate office. It's about time they went out of business. BUY.COM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!