questionsdo you like going to the farmers market?


Yep. We go every Saturday morning to load up on veggies and meat for the week. Not only is it generally cheaper, the stuff lasts longer since it hasn't been sitting in a truck or in a stock area.

And honestly, it just tastes better.


Yes, but not enough. The one close to me is only a few hours on a Wednesday, and a few hours on a Saturday, which I think is just silly. If they had it open more (or a proper farmer's market) I'd shop at it regularly.


there's one that just started back up by my work during lunchtime. it's nice to take a stroll down, hear some live music, check out the breads, samples, get some sun, and browse through the stuff. it's not big so they don't offer meats just veggies, fruits, breads, jams n jellies


I went to two today. Veggies and bread from one and lard from another. I, also, wish they had better hours and locations. By the time I commute back here it is 4 or so and most week day offerings are done for the day. And the only one close to where I live is expensive and the people are kind of rude. Actually, most of them are fairly pricey but at most of them they are at least polite, if not friendly.

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I wish there was one close to where I live, but there isn't. :(


@jsimsace: See if there are Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in your area. They are a great bargain.

I actually have not been going to the local farmer's market, but that's because there is an AMAZING produce market just over a mile away (bike distance; hipster level: 9001) that sources what they can locally. For around $8, I can usually fill a large reusable tote to the brim with veggies. They also use paper bags instead of plastic, which I've always enjoyed for some reason.

They even grind their own peanut butters fresh daily, and sell a variety of canned preserves, salad dressings, and other assorted oddities.

Sorry I'm WAY too excited about my market.


I certainly enjoy eating the food that I bring home from the farmers' market!


only if his daughter is around......


@snoopjedi: Thanks for the alternative suggestion, but I live in BFE. There's nothing within 35 miles, and that's a deal-breaker for me.


@mkentosh: If he doesn't have a daughter, maybe he has sheep. ;)


Yes. Much of what is available is unaffordable to me, but I try to buy a little every week.

However, I can't stand poorly vetted "farmer's markets"--the ones that sell bananas even though bananas aren't really grown anywhere in this country, the ones with stickers on the apples that say "California" (I'm in NJ), etc.


I remembered to get up and go to the farmer's market on Saturday. My daughter and I ate veggies all weekend. We made a huge pot of green beans with new potatoes and a little chopped bacon. I have a bowl of that for lunch today.

I do have to admit that my daughter is far less picky than I am and I bought the broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini just for her. I sent what was left with her when she went to her mom's this morning.


I live in the desert, the only thing commercially farmed in the immediate area are pecans, chiles wine grapes and cotton. But there are some small farms in the valley, just enough to support one Farmer's market one day a week a few months in the summer. The produce is sometimes pricey, but generally quite good. My favorite are the tiny white grapes from the vineyards. They wait for the grapevines to mature before pressing wine from their grapes, so the grapes from the immature vines are sold for snacking.