questionsdoes anyone think mortgage interest rates will…


The one fact about mortgage rates is they are never at the point you want them to be when you finance.


We're anticipating refinancing a little later this year. We missed the best rates, but for family reasons we couldn't do a refi earlier.

I think you and I should jump when we can and not try to forecast the future.


Mortgage rates are up because the Fed hinted that they were going to start raising interest rates again. Unless something catastrophic happens to the stock market, you can expect interest rates to go up another 2% by the end of the year.

Unless the interest rate you are refinancing at is half or less, I wouldn't recommend refinancing. The transfer fees alone may be more than you would pay for the difference in interest.


I think go for it. Nobody can predict when or where interest rates will go, though there's much speculation that the direction is further up. If you can recover the expense in a short span of time, then I'd do it. And definitely shop around whether competing on rate and/or fees associated with the loan itself.


I was seriously considering refinancing (was at 5.875% on 30 year fixed) but last year had trouble finding a lender interested in my mortgage (most didn't seem to be interested in mortgages for under $100k). So I just kept paying it down. My mortgage company offered a refinance at a lower rate and it looked like a good deal but I just didn't have a lot of extra time to deal with the paperwork. So I reassessed my finances, moved some things around and went ahead and paid it off. The payoff paperwork is still going through the system, but on the website my mortgage shows an outstanding balance of $0 so I expect the final papers in the mail any day now. I know not everyone is in my position, but it feels amazing to be completely debt free!