questionswhat movie are you looking for that's not…


The original Star Wars trilogy, unedited.


@tsfisch: I heard Lucas shot that first.

Good call on Open Range, one of the few good Kevin Costner films that doesn't involve baseball.

As for the Q... The Great Escape. One of my favorite Steve McQueen films.


Grandma's Boy.
LOVE that movie. So much awesome and hilarity throughout the whole time.


@curtisuxor: I see what you did there....very clever


I had been waiting and waiting for the U.S. release of Almost Famous and was going to put it on this list. But I see that is has been JUST (as in this month) been reissued. Cameron Crowe added back 23 minutes of footage fleshing out the characater of Penny Lane (Kate Hudson). I'll add this as a deal over on the other side: "Bootleg Cut" blu ray, which includes a "Stillwater" CD for 14 bucks.


I've been looking for a cheesy movie called Scavenger Hunt that wasn't even released on DVD!


Aladdin!!! The "20th Anniversary" Blu-Ray has now been pushed back to being released on its 22nd anniversary (Spring 2014). Even as of a few months ago it was going to be Spring 2013 and then they decided to make way for bigger fanfare over Peter Pan's 60th anniversary.


I'd like to see Revolution released on Bluray, but I don't hold out much hope. Until a couple of years ago the only DVD copies I could find were imports from other countries, which is pretty crazy considering it's a movie about the American Revolution and stars Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland.


I saw that when I was a kid.
Don't remember much about it, just remember seeing it.


@wickedd365: I read that release is region locked. I haven't been able to find the specs (region, resolution/codec, audio format) for it on any reputable Blu-ray site.

I've watched it on Netflix a time or two, but I'd really like to have access to a version of better quality.