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I hate Comcast with the passion of a thousand burning suns. A tin can tied to a string offers better cable TV quality and a chimpanzee with moderate to severe brain trauma offers better customer service. Did I mention that I hate Comcast?


My friend is starting with AT&T customer service this week. He is practicing his Indian accent (he is Korean-American and a lifelong Texas resident). "Hello, my name is...Steve...How may I help you?"


I moved and had all my components linked together. TWC idiot just had to run cable from the wall into the cable box. I got distracted and the next day I find he had unhooked everything, removed the IR Blaster, disconnected all the cables and reconnected them so I ended up with a single tuner DVR. They all suck


When I bought my house I contacted Sprint as they were the local carrier. During the course of the call they offered me DSL service. The guy told me it would be 3MB up and 3MB down. After I moved in, I set up my comp and went to DSLReports. I had the 3MB down, but the upload was only about 1/3MB up. Well 3 weeks later, and many hours of daily phone calls with tech support, they finally connected me with someone who had more than 1 brain cell rattling around an otherwise empty skull, and she told me that they didn't offer and upload speed that fast. Then the following month began the billing problems. 3 months later I told them to get lost and went with the cable company for internet and AT&T for a cell phone. I'll never use Sprint again. For anything.


All I have to say is that it took 4 visits over 2 months in order to get someone to install a jack in my apartment in the room I wanted Internet in. First guy said it wasn't possible. Somewhere along the way, my Charter appointments got cancelled 3 times because I didn't answer some stupid automated phone call.

Once I finally got Internet in the right room, it never worked right, and dropped out in bad weather. I went through another round of multiple visits until I finally got someone who knew what they were doing. One of the guys said it was because the cable was split off from another jack instead of going straight to the box. The one who finally "solved" it realized that all the buried underground cable to my apartment was unshielded RG-59 (old antenna wire they haven't been using for 15 years). Except when he solved it, he put a defective TV filter on the new cable.

All told, I have reliable Internet now. And it only took 6 months!


@omnichad: Oh, and about Charter's automated calls. I complained when my appointment got auto-cancelled when it couldn't leave a message behind my "press 1 for Chad or press 2 for [wife's name]" and I didin't find out until after they didn't show up. Per my complaint, they said they would skip the automated call. Turns out they put in a fake number of 333-333-3333, and since that number wasn't real, that appointment was auto-canceled as well.

I do at least have to say, Charter's "Direct" forum at is a lifesaver. If you know what you're talking about, you can skip the guys reading from the script. Telling you to click the "start menu" on your Mac.


@90mcg112: Oh that makes me so happy to meet another person who hates the abominal Comcast.


Back when AT&T acquired Cingular for their cell phone service, I was somehow led to believe that I was behind on my payments and my phones were disconnected. For about a month I desperately threw money at the company to get my service back on, but it never seemed to be enough. I finally got a guy in the AT&T store to to actually look at my billing and payment history, and it turns out that I was never really that behind to begin with, and had in fact paid the current month's bill early and overpaid by another $400 or so.

I switched phone companies not long after, needless to say.


When we moved here Sprint offered us a bundle. We expected (two weeks notice) that the service would be available. They had our card#, a date and an address, they needed to contact us AFTER we moved in, THEN set up an appointment, and THEN get our service- maybe in two weeks. Cancel.
We got TWC. we were on within two days. We didn't know that everything is "extra". You get HD- on some channels- but that service in your modem is extra; the modem rental is extra. It comes with a DVDR, having it work costs extra, the remote is extra. That $89 bundle? It's $169 in four months.

And this is LA, not the East Coast.
Back there, I call Frank's Elect and I'll talk to Frank, his wife or his kid; Frank and a real electrician shows up. Here, Frank is the landlord's name; I'll get Jose's wife, and he and a couple illegals off the corner come over.
Half the installed cable was "found" on the roof. We're all hooked to a big pole box- 3pm to 8pm the Net is slow, after midnite it gets faster.