questionsdid you hear larry hagman died today?


I want to go to sleep, and then get up tomorrow, and he'll step out of the shower, and it will just be a dream.

Sleep well, JR


May he always dream of Jeannie.


Ah, damn! I hate this 'death' thing. :-( And no, I had not heard - thank you for posting this. Did enjoy I Dream of Jeannie. Didn't watch Dallas until it was in reruns. Loved it! And like most, I loved to hate JR. Sad now.


Waaaah! When I was a kid, I would watch the I Dream of Jeanie reruns on Nick at Night (or was it day time reruns) either way it seems I can always count on woot to tell me about celebrity passing. =(


Not a big Dallas fan but always watch I Dream Of Jeannie whenever I come across it.


#3 on my death pool list this year, I get 7 points!!!!


Turns out cancer shot JR. I hate cancer!!! One of my dear friends passed away due to cancer around noon on Thanksgiving Day. I'd like to shoot cancer!


How did I never realize JR Ewing was the same guy from Jeannie? The former never caught my interest, but I loved watching Jeannie.

Glad he had a chance to see another Dallas show debut.


So, Jock, Miss Ellie, now J.R....'Dallas' causes cancer?