questionswhat's the one gift you thought you'd never want…


About 10 years ago, my cousin got me a 5 foot tall wrought iron floor candelabra. I'd file that under Unique.


My aunt wound up getting my uncle binoculars with a camera attached to it. I don't think he ever used it, so it didn't turn out to be "great" but it was pretty weird when he opened it up.


When I was in Middle School my best friends parents bought me a really nice stainless frying pan. Unique for someone my age, but I was really into cooking and wanted to go to culinary school. Never got much use out of it all through school since it wan't non-stick. But now that I'm an adult I absolutely love it and use it all the time. It's an amazing piece of cookware. I was excited when I opened it, but now I really appreciate it...


When I'd just moved into my first apartment solo - my best friend got me one of those tiny dirt devils. I've never heard of anyone actually getting a vacuum for Christmas - I was ecstatic!


a gift card... no seriously, got it, didnt know what to use it for cause it wasnt enough for the thing that i wanted (a videogame... zelda actually) but then amazon had a great deal and was able to get the game + a new remote + a case for my ipod.