questionsi need a good deal on an automatic watch winder.


@thefenst: I'm hoping that @catbertthegreat sees this (since he is the master of impossible deals), but after googling this, and seeing that you did NOT make this item up, I'm just trying to sit back and conceive of such a thing.

Automatic watch winders; what won't they think up next?


@shrdlu: Basically, they are to keep watches in time that use an automatic movement. Usually automatic watches are wound by the movement of your arm, but if you don't wear it every couple of days, it stops ticking and loses time. Watch winders do it for you! :)


I'll bet you see better deals than this one, but not quicker.

Actually, if you scroll down on that page, there are many that are less than the price I posted.


Will this one do for $29.00:

Note @shrdlu's posted deal seems to indicate that certain watch winders will harm you automatic watch. I'm not sure whether the one I posted will harm your watch.