questionswhat did you think of woot's epic april fools…


I wasn't so worried about the writers as I was about the Wooters who stayed glued to their screens for 24+ hours trying to figure out where the BOC was.


I think I missed the punch line... I know it's around here somewhere.


I usually laugh after April Fools pranks.. but.. oh well


I guess I was really looking forward to the hunt for the BOC more than the BOC itself, and instead I hunted snipe for 24 hours. I think I should have just ignored Woot! altogether today. I don't think I'll bother coming back next year for April Fools Day. It feels a bit like walking downstairs Easter only to find you've been robbed, and the eggs you hunted for are all empty.

Honestly I don't want to feel entitled to a BOC every April Fools, but at this point my non Woot! shopping wife knows about it, and was excitedly reminding me about it.


No resolution update just new items with a normal description and that's the end of the story? When we got the strike update I figured they would at least finish the story. Hopefully now that the writers have apparently returned to work they might give us a conclusion to the story.


I'm disappointed, probably like most everyone else.

But I have to admit (knowing this is probably going to get a lot of 'down' votes) that there is a part of me that thinks it "serves us right." There's a lot of nastiness directed at the Woot staff during Woot-Offs - especially the most recent one last week. I was honestly pretty appalled by many of the comments I saw left when they were dividing up the BOCs throughout the day and when there were issues with the servers.

I work in the gaming industry... we get a lot of that same kind of treatment from players. Seriously - a tsunami can come through and wipe out an entire server farm, taking down a game... and the players go insane. They get just vicious. They show up at the offices to stand in reception and rant. They track down employee's personal information and corner them in grocery stores. It's crazy!

I see a LOT of that same kind of element surrounding BOCs - it's scary.


What prank? That implies that someone's laughing...and I don't know anyone who is...


I guess I should mention that the tone of my question was a bit sarcastic in case anyone missed it. The breaking news memo was clearly not to be taken seriously, so it's not like they expected to pull a "gotcha" on anyone. So, while funny, this wasn't a "prank".
Sure, I hoped for a BOC in there somewhere since the 4/1 BOC was about the only predictable thing about woot. (worried about xmas now) I thought we'd at least get a resolution to the strike situation. All day, we're meant to believe the writers are on strike and then everything goes back to normal after midnight without even a mention of the outcome of the alleged strike. Why did they even bother to post the teaser update with the picket line photos? I thought we'd see more of those as the day went on, but no...
I'm assuming the woot writers got bored and/or realized they have a pretty cushy job and canceled the strike, but I'll never know for sure...


Another piece of me just died on the inside.


Sage Dictionary's online definition of EPIC: Very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale).

Not impressed. But then I guess the point wasn't to impress people, eh? Took a while for me to get that point. Seems to be going that way a lot lately.


A woot staffer (or at least whoever runs the FB page) wrote this:

WOOT - We just did several several runs of the Bunnies Ogling Carrots in the Woot-Off the other week to cover all the people who have complained before about not being able to get one. We're deleting the complaints about April Fools on the forums because you're probably posting them in a place where they're off topic. There are plenty of other places in the World of Woot section where you can join in with everyone else who's not happy about it.

Check the Neatbox post - it's in there.


@gizzynubalo: I don't know about "serves us right"... Woot has always gotten flack from folk who don't get a BoC.

Like I said, I don't want to feel entitled to it. I just wanted the hunt, even if I didn't get one. The first BOC I ever received was one of the fabled pallets. 1100+ identical action figures, delivered to my office.

I too worked in the gaming industry at the time, within a week there were military execution dioramas set up all throughout the office. Even in the freezer in the break room.

Which, again... It's the hunt, that's what I liked about it. Heck, I still sometimes go play the Bags of Crap delivery game just for the heck of it.


I too, was searching frantically all over the site all day for the ever-elusive "hidden bag of crap" on April Fools.

I admit it though, it got me excited and all for a bit trying to decipher everything before anyone else could.

I guess we could just hope for a Woot-off on Tuesday since that's when they're normally up? Hopefully that "strike" will end by then.

The possibilites are endless..


@gizzynubalo: Couldn't agree more! What we have is an OWS entitlement mentality. I agree that woot! has morons in their IT department and way too many server issues for as sucessful of a company as it has become, BUT people need to channel their anger toward things that actually matter. Our society has become sooo hypersensitive to meaningless crap, yet completely apatheic towards issues that will change us forever. People need to get out and do something productive in this world instead of be a useless, helpless whiney drone that is reliant on society for a chance to win something or feel entitled to a freebie, or a handout. Go out and earn it!

Getting off my soapbox now....


@nickmiller21: Actually, they have pretty good IT folk, and they actually have some very unique and difficult to overcome technical issues in regards to scaling. Keep in mind, they still operate on a shoestring budget, but last I knew Woot was running off the ECS2 (Or Amazon's internal equivalent now?) cloud.


@xavoc: I totally hear you... that's why I put "serves us right" in quotes. Because it was the shortest/simplest way to convey my thought while (hopefully) letting everyone know I didn't mean it literally, or even harshly.

This was the first April 1st that I actually remembered to check Woot (last year I was obsessed with waiting to see what Guild Wars was going to roll out for it). So like most others, I spent several hours last night pouring through the site trying to figure out the gag... then I played around with GW's April Fools' quests... finally falling into bed exhausted just so I could get up & see if the "8:00am" thing really was a clue. Checked back multiple times throughout the day looking for more clues or info.


And I'm disappointed there doesn't seem to be more to it... but we DID get a hunt, even if there was nothing to find at the end of it. I just wish people didn't have to be so terribly cruel in the things they say because of their disappointment.


As i've been saying - it amounted to a lot of disappointment.. but it wasn't the typical "i didn't get a BOC" disappointment. I have 200+ woots - i don't care much about boc's any more... yet i still look forward to the april fool's day woot effort. if the "fun director" has been replaced - i would suggest the new person simply isn't getting it. It was a much more profound disappointment in ending a GOOD tradition. The games, the hunts, and etc were always fun and it really wasn't so much about the actual bag. Apr.1 bags were always pretty light, and not worth the sometimes hours of effort. This year it simply wasn't fun, funny, or creative, even. The writer's strike amounted to a "why bother" scenario - had promise at first, but then fell flat. We got an update from the field... didn't amount to much and that was it. boring. A play by play from the warzone would have been pretty fun. something more engrossing, or interactive. Otherwise - why bother at all?


This isn't the first time Woot's dashed the hopes of thousands of years-long loyal Wooters. And it won't be the last time. I learned my lessons of Woot under Amazon a long time ago.

Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.



Huh? Way too many server issues...?

I'm not going to count issues during BoC sales because anyone who thinks that woot's servers and networks do a bad job during BoC sales either hasn't thought it through or isn't qualified to comment.

So, ignoring BoC issues, I'd say woot does a pretty good job keeping their gear up 24/7. While I'm sure there were others, the only problems that come to mind were during the last woot-off, and before that, when they moved to the new platform. They are certainly doing a better job keeping their gear up 24/7 than either Chase or Capital One, both of which are offline for several hours each week and not run on a shoestring budget.


@baqui63: And, you note... They stopped the wootoff after 24 hours to fix issues and continued the day after to rectify the stability problems.


Well, maybe it's just me, but since Amazon took ever Woot things have going down hill slowly. What happen with the 2 for Tuesdays? what about the Talk like a Pirate day and all those nice audio clips that were sooo funny??

Maybe is just me, but I don't see as many people at the woot offs like years past and the quality of the crapola has been well beyond low. I have to agree with the other posts that the 70% of the fun was to chase the BOCs', the other 20% to complain that you didn't get it and the last 10% of the fun was to post the pictures of the BOC getting to your hands and getting hate replies from the other wooters that didn't got it.

In short, Woot has been moved from a cult webpage to a just another amazon option.

Goodbye woot traditions, welcome Amazon corporate decisions.


@gizzynubalo: if a tsunami can take out your entire server farm, then you don't have a good disaster recovery plan. We have servers all over the place to prevent an entire shutdown during any disaster. Your continuity of business should depend on having multiple server farms spread around the country so it has minimal impact to your customers during a disaster like that.


I seriously can't believe that people are whining that they didn't get a BOC.
The whole point of BOCs are that you're not supposed to know when one will show up.


@tapatiousa: When you factor in the increasing gentrification stemming from wine.woot spreading into the other sites (home.woot, I'm looking in your direction), the ongoing T-shirt sourcing blunders, and the general product selection going down (I'm speaking to variety ... it seems the repeat rate has gone up, while the things I actually want to buy have become rarer.), it's hard to remain faithful to woot.

It's damned depressing, but they're not the woot they were. Also, I don't mean this in a our-child-is-growing-up type way, where you just have to accept them for who they're becoming and learn to love them anyway. No, this is simpler. Woot really is going downhill. And it's a damn shame.

(Oh, and after the horrible BoCs I got the last 2 times (My last one was actually largely random broken stuff.), I've long-since given up on that. So, no, this comment was not about me being upset about not getting one.)


@cengland0: If a tsunami actually manages to reach all - or even most - of our server farms, it's a good bet most of our players will be dead long before the tsunami actually reaches said farms.

You have noticed that there's a character limit to these replies? Yeah - short dramatic example of how irrational people can be when their game (or BOC) isn't accessible, even in the midst of a global disaster.

I guess it's better that went over your head than a tsunami, though ;-)


According the the rules of April Fools, you are to wrap up the tomfoolery by noon on April 1st.

From Superstition has it that the pranking period expires at noon on the 1st of April and any jokes attempted after that time will call bad luck down onto the head of the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, also from Additionally, those who fail to respond with good humor to tricks played upon them are said to attract bad luck to themselves. {yikes!}

Sooooo.. Woot should have ended the prank at noon. But Woot, how can I stay mad at you... Look at that punim!



April Fools Day is THE stupidest day of the year. Each year it's the same crap: a bunch of people making outlandish statements trying to get everyone else to believe them. I typically sequester myself until it's over so I don't have to listen to all the BS going on that day.


Yup... It was like a joke with a long lead in and no punchline. At least end it with "The strike's over, so sorry we didn't have time to write some crap."


Huh. I honestly forgot about it. I never got the bag of crap on April Fools, I just played the games. I survived.


Funny. Self entitled people. el oh el.


It's a bit disappointing especially because it's a tradition that seems to have come to an end.

I think more disappointing that the woot staff knew there was no golden egg so to speak and allowed some of the more hardcore wooters to hang around all day without saying "there's nothing to see here, move along". Granted it was our choice but still seemed a bit cruel.

I'm actually disappointed that the strike storyline didn't get wrapped up either which was a bit weird.


Woot is a pretty fun, unique website. Sure, there doesn't appear to have been a BoC, and (as of yet at least) there isn't any closure to the whole "Strike" story. But if you're reading this, you're still pretty fortunate. Woot is allowed to do what they want. If you like what they do, stick around.


I don't care much about the BOC thing, though I would have been (read: was) frustrated if it was out there and I just couldn't figure it out, which was what I originally thought based on the main page commentary. Punchy clever ending indeed.

I just want to know how the strike ended. Or if it did; I suppose the S.C.A.B. bots could have simply been upgraded overnight?


Maybe woot has had this plan for years. To train the wooters to associate today with a guaranteed BOC. Then when everybody thinks for sure that it is coming, they spend all day looking for some kind of secret to get one. Deciphering dates, times, numbers, links etc that have absolutely zero meaning. It is quite brilliant actually.

Prank wise, HAHAHAHA!
Customer wise, I am a sad panda. Well Played.


@bsmith1: I cannot agree with the writers having a "cushy job" - I cannot imagine the pressure it must engender to come up with the daily stuff much less the woot-offs.


@gizzynubalo: people scare me, that's why I stay inside :)


I'm sort of glad that Woot didn't do a BOC on 4/1 because I'm not sure I could have handled it. I was lucky enough to get one during the last Woot-off and the tracking info says it is 34.8 lbs. I just can't imagine what 34.8 lbs of crap is going to be.


For April Fools, I'm less disappointed in the potential to get an actual BOC in the mail than I am in the fun that comes with trying to get one. The April Fools’ BOC is not about beating the servers as much as it’s about a scavenger hunt to find the crap.
On 4/1 the game/hunt/participation is way better the actual prize.


@goatcrapp: I completely agree. Well said from a veteran Wooter


I think there was a BOC - the kids.woot item was priced at 2.99 (the only normal priced one)... did anyone try going to the order page for the kids.woot item?


@bigreddogatl: you got the TV!!!

That and they just put down random weights to throw people off the trail.


@rill2503456: I did. It wasn't.

What so, so, so many wooters seem to have forgotten is that people like to brag. If there was a BOC to be found, someone would have posted where and how they got it. They wouldn't have trolled through 27 pages of comments looking for "Please PM me!" posts and sent a PM to each one, they would have posted the answer publicly.

Sure, woot would have deleted those posts, but not before others read and reposted it. It would spread like wildfire and there would be no containing the information. Not for this long.

@bigreddogatl: Just to temper your enthusiasm, I once had a really heavy BOC. The weight came from several boxes of almost-outdated calendars.


@jimgraffam: Yup... It was like a joke with a long lead in and no punchline.

is how I described the show Seinfeld.


Eh, it would've been nice to be told there wasn't going to be a BOC. But if they told us anything, they wouldn't be woot.


@anotherhiggins: A few years ago in a different BOC, I received a case of Camelot Calendars that had 1 month useful life left on them. That case of calendars was over 30 lbs. I ended up giving them out to the women in my office, since they loved the photos.

I'm hoping that this 34.8 lb BOC maybe has something like a large LCD monitor, tower PC, Dyson vac, or a set of cast iron skillets. But it will probably be filled with dead used sealed lead acid batteries out of a malfunctioning UPS.


It would not be so irrating if Woot had not indicated something special on the Woot Calendar.

BOC's are all really nothing but as others say its the thrill of the hunt.

Upsetting this many customers is never a good business model and to those that say we deserved it? Really?


Wait they did something for April Fools day? I guess I missed it, I bet it was STUPID!!!!


So Woot didn't sell a Bag o' Crap on April Fools Day? In other news, Del Taco is in fact NOT selling the Macho Taco Shake they announced yesterday. I think we all know which the real tragedy is.



No I didn't get a TV or a case of expired calendars, but I got a 34.8 lb. Bag Of Crap that really sucks.

1x LG LuV400T Kompressor Vacuum Cleaner ($430 on Amazon)
1x Prospera electronic pulse massager ($39 on Amazon)
1x Duracell rechargeable instant charger ($27 on Amazon)
1x Snuggie for kids ($14 on Amazon)
1x Shopping bag (like the grocery store) ($.99 at WalMart)