questionsdo you think the site would benefit from a…


You are preaching to the choir.

You may find this page a little helpful


@lichme: With that page tho, is the expectation that every user on the site is supposed to sift though the community questions and take a guess as to which non official woot members answer is to be taken as law on the site?

This really seems a no brainier to me. If you want people to follow the rules, and in fact penalize them for not doing so, you need to first state what the rules are.


Uh oh, more people getting upset about the lack of a deals.woot guidelines page. Sure would be a terrible thing if everyone stopped posting deals and discussing things for a week because of that. Not saying that it's going to happen of course, I'm just saying it would be bad.

To answer your question though: Yes deals.woot really needs a place we can direct users to that explains the Do's and Don'ts of the community.


@bleatzor: The fact is that most of the deal flagging and whatnot come from the users. It seems that the deals.woot prefer the members to handle for the most part. I agree that it can be difficult to nail down the rules, but the community tries to help out.

I usually do the same as @lichme did and direct folks to one of the many technical or posting faqs.


@cowboydann: I see what you did there - this time it's the old reverse psychology approach. If I say it's a bad thing to stop posting, etc., people will do it. Clever. Even more clever - you're hoping that a certain No. 1 will stop all activity. ;-)

@bleatzor: - Valid point made since the beginning of the Community Question forum. Don't know that, wasn't here - but heaven knows every time this issue comes up someone will SIGH and say it's been requested a bazillion times before. The people who make the decisions to do this apparently do not want to. Ergo, we continue to flounder around w/o any guidance. Very sad and not user-friendly.


@okham: I fully understand the user participation end of the site, but isn't that what the little up and down votes are for?

Removing deals seems another animal all together, and I'm wondering what the people who have access to do so use as their guidelines. Is it entirely up to popular opinion such that if I got a big enough group together that didn't like seeing deals with the letter M in the title posted on Tuesdays, we could get them removed? Is that really a community you'd be proud to be a part of?


Yep, I've been preaching this for months - only to be consistently ignored by the powers that be. Feel free to search other threads/questions for "rules page"


There's no enumerated justification for the firearms and ammunition deal ban because none exists. This is why those deals should be allowed.


I emailed the main Woot site complaining about this very thing along with a few of my thoughts about what I perceive as heavy handed moderation recently. I grew tired of seeing thread after thread asking for such a rules list, only to have our concerns glossed over or disregarded. It took over a week and some prodding, but I was finally put in touch with the director of Deals.Woot directly only to get a two line reply of: "Thank you for your contributions to our community. I will pass your comments along to the moderation team for review and discussion." Make of that what you will.


No, then people can not ask this question over and over! @tsfisch: Thanks for listing just a few.


If we created a list, I mean it's practically done already. Wouldn't it make the task of actually making an official page that much easier. It wouldn't have to be called a rules page but at least a FAQ. What's the hesitation from the higher ups? It could only benifit the community.


@tsfisch - All of these links you bring up are within “ask the community”. The community can say whatever they want. What the “community” is asking for are OFFICAL rules by which the site will be maintained. Go to Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, etc. and they will enumerate what is allowed / not allowed. Where do you go for this information? The FAQ and Terms of Use. I searched both within “woot” and nether say anything about firearms. The only potential reference is “4.Do not post anything that isn't safe for work, or safe for kids. Again, think PG-13.”, which brings to mind the alcohol, cigar, and postings.

It would be nice if the people running woot actually gave a crap and took a few minutes to update the FAQ for both new and existing patrons.


Why aren't rules posted? Are you mad? Has no one other than me ever raised a bright, inquisitive child?

Me: Please don't put your toy cars on the coffee table.
BIC: Okay.
Me: What did I just say about the toy cars on the coffee table?
BIC: These are trucks, not cars. [Followed soon by tractors, tanks, toy horses, soldiers, warriors, horse-drawn wagons, and hearses]

Me: Please go pick up the toys scattered on your bedroom floor.
BIC: Okay, mom.
Me: I asked you an hour ago to put away your toys.
BIC: :::in aggrieved, whiny voice::: That's not what you said! You said to pick up the toys on the floor, and that's what I did! You didn't say anything about the stuff on my bed and dresser!
Me: I also didn't want you to dump them on the bed.
BIC: But now they're not on the floor!

The very minute after rules are posted, some bright, inquisitive wooter will be whining about why his deal for a whatever was deleted, since the rule doesn't say explicitly that his whatever is prohibited.


@f9h3ihghshg: I posted this earlier today, but it disappeared when the firearm deals were deleted. Here is @jumbowoot's reply to the question about posting firearms:

@jumbowoot (staff member) is the big boss, the head honcho, the big kahuna here at deals.woot and what he says goes. I can't find anything more definitive for you than this. Jumbowoot has the final say.


i'd like to see a weekly webinar with @jumbowoot. Even better, how about a monthly one day on site training session at Woot HQ. I would assume a working lunch would be provided...


@magic cave: I actually had a conversation similar to that with two 5 year olds jumping off a bed. I asked "Are you guys jumping on that bed?" One replied, "No, we're jumping OFF the bed."
So they didn't get in trouble for jumping on the bed like they knew they weren't supposed to do.


@wnyx585am: Yes, lunch would be provided...on the fine concrete parking lot, of course.


It appears firearms have a special place in the hearts of the Woot staff as they have been singled out and banned from the deals. I am just trying to come up with common sense suggestions rather than having a new poster:
* Read the FAQ
* Read Terms of Use
* Do a search and read all “community” posts made by @jumbowoot
* If your posting gets deleted... too bad as there are no official rules

The nanny police keep bringing up not posting rules because people will try to get around them?!?! The only difference between an official rule and posting in the “community” board is how much time it takes to figure out what is appropriate. Are the vast majority of the people here in middle school? I would like to think we are adults who come here for deals.

@bleatzor - You have been “slapped” for posting a great deal. For your punishment you must post some lingerie, Samurai Swords, cigars, or a (not already posted) Killer Whale Submarine and have your deal not get removed.

Happy Mother’s Day


@bleatzor: Welcome to the Wootverse....
The rules are secret and subject to change according to the time of the day and whether caffeine has been provided or not , or possibly in excess....
Alcohol might also be involved...


I'm in agreement with Magic Cave.

I think the reason why we don't have a written set of rules is that once you state a set of rules (or guidelines) there will be people who try every way they can to bend those rules so they can use them to their advantage.
If a rule says "No firearms sales", then somebody will offer a deal on coupons that you can trade in for weapons. When the mods delete that deal, then the poster will jump all over them for "violating" the rules.

I think the current arrangement works for the moderators. It's all a judgement call, and they don't have to argue with people about the meaning of specific rules and whether or not they've violated them.