questionsis this a bit creepy to anyone?


Creepy as hell, frankly, and I'd be willing to commit mayhem on anyone who photographed me as part of her day's experience.


Yes, that is in fact decidedly skeevy. It would seem that there is a bit of a disconnect between their intended clientele and the people that would actually purchase this.


Meh, can't get too excited. Nsa's reading my email and listening to my calls, and the FBI is watching me with drones. Some hipster with an ugly medallion camera is the least of my worries.

I think it would funny to hang it on my dog's collar, but all I would see is a picture of my comforter.


@okham: lol but the NSA will simply gain access to all the hipster small 30-second camera servers.. and of course through the always-on Xbox-One Kinect :D


@devexityspace: so no more naked "dance, dance fever?"


It might be a bit creepy if they're wearing it into private places I guess.
But you guys do know that you have no expectation of privacy when you're out in public, right?
Like, anyone can photograph you if they want to as long as you're in a public place.


They sell similar stuff for pet collars so you can see what they do during their day. Attach them to your kids! Enlightening!


There is no way I would use this. Very intrusive and could be very public. Next they might have audio and could get all the things you say!!!


It is creepy but face book, twitter and reality TV are just as creepy if not more so. All are huge invasions of privacy waiting to happen or happening. Any info on the internet or TV is accessible to someone willing to put computing power and time to work.


Wow, everyone seems to be freaked out by this.

Do yourselves a favor and don't Google "Google Glass".


@okham: and now I want a camera on my dogs nose... but really don't want to watch him sniff every rear end in his path...


@thumperchick: would that be a "butt"on camera?


Not a fan of the GPS tagging but it does seem to have niche possibility. I can imagine an artist using this and then making a display out of the results. Too bad my life has become pretty boring and most of the pictures now would be of a computer screen.


@stryker4526: It is not the expectation of privacy but the saturation of information collecting devices in our society that can't tell the difference between public and private locations that's the problem. This info uploaded to servers that can be breached makes the word PRIVACY a joke.


I Think Its Pretty Awesome But Yehh Also Creepy.


I don't find the photojournaling part creepy. Its the fact that, (taken from their website) , "As for the camera itself, it takes 5 megapixel resolution images and logs GPS positions and timestamps. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can last up to two days."

The online logging and timestamping WITH Gps coordinates is the creepy part.


Creepy yet inevitable.

Not to get all Orwellian but people are funny. 2013? Creep. Some future year? Social pressure (at best) to wear a camera recording everything because "what do you have to hide?"