questionsis the $5 all you can ship just the greatest…


Nope. The coupons were the greatest marketing tool. I know I bought things I would not have because I had a coupon, and not bought things that I would have if I DID have a coupon.


I've never taken advantage of the $5 all you can ship because I've never found more than one thing I want in the same day. I second @stile99 though, I much preferred the coupons and I'm sure Woot got more business from me because of those.


I think the COMBINATION of coupon to get the 1st purchase under your belt, AND FREE shipping from then on, really was the ticket to multiple purchases. I have not made the 1st purchase during this WOOT-off yet.The $5 drives the prices of the cheapest stuff too high and I have not paid enough attention to anything to see if the more expensive items would catch my interest. Ho-hum.


Since most of their items are shipped by Amazon, they can afford it now. The only difference is Amazon will usually ship the 1st item free if it's over $25 or you have Prime.
The free shipping is nice though. Turkey timer for $.99? Why not? Someone will "love" to have that in their custom unofficial BOC I do for work xmas gatherings.


Yes, the formula used to work like this:

1. Hoard jumbowoot coupons
2. Wait for woot-off
3. Unlock free shipping with one jumbowoot coupon
4. Go berserker on remaining woot-off items with unlocked free shipping and remaining jumbowoot coupons
5. Build fort with all the empty woot! boxes


@90mcg112: ..... and they had to be the GOOD woot! boxes, not the lame Amazon ones.


I too lament the missing coupons. Coupon + unlocked shipping always got the best of me.