questionshas a company ever made a mistake with your order?


So may problems.

1. Ordered two custom shower doors. Should have arrived on November 17, it's now November 29 and no shower doors. Visited their local branch and all they can offer is an apology.

2. Several orders have come with missing items from the order. All companies have sent the missing items without any trouble at all.

3. Items arrived DOA. I've had difficulty getting some of those replaced. Those particular sites are now on my blacklist.

4. Ordered some counterfeit bill detection pens a year ago and finally received them this week.

I'm sure I've encountered more problems but you need to understand the quantity of items I order is high so it's sort of expected. As long as I can get it resolved eventually, I'm usually okay with it.


I recently ordered a couple of beautiful necklaces from a company in India. It took about a month for them to come and they sent me the wrong necklaces. Similar but not the right ones. I emailed them with photos of the ones I got and the ones I ordered and they immediately acknowledged that they were the wrong ones, offered me a $10 refund to keep them or I could send them back for a full refund. There is no option of actually getting the ones I ordered, which is suspicious, along with both items being similar but wrong. So now I have to mail these back to India and wait weeks for my refund, so I have essentially written these folks an interest free loan for two months. Very annoying.


@cengland0: Our shower doors took 6 weeks, But we knew that when we bought.


Ordered an Eathpak (out of business) backpack in June for kids school finally got the wrong one in October. Told to keep the one I had and they refunded my money I chose not to reorder. The next April I got the one I had ordered from out of nowhere. I sent an email asking what was going on and never heard back.


I recently purchased a Toy Story 3 Mr. Potato Head set from for my nephew's 4th birthday, along with other miscellaneous household items and Christmas gifts (I had 45% off). I got everything but the Mr. Potato Head. Called Kohls and they told me I had two options: they'd ship the item to me or they'd refund me my money. I chose to have the item shipped to me (my nephew's birthday is on Dec 8th and this is part of his present) and they said they'd ship it out within four business days. Got an email two days later saying that they refunded the price of the item. I was kind of irked and emailed Kohls asking why I got a refund and not the item I ordered. Whoever answered my email said that as part of their policy I'd have to reorder the item (they don't reship items apparently) and they'd honor the price I paid with free shipping... Within 14 business days. I now have a $42 Mr. Potato Head sitting in my living room. Still waiting for my refund and free shipping.


@wadekind: Mine was supposed to take 6 weeks too but it's now been longer. In the meantime, I'm taking showers without a door and then having to mop up the floor every day. Luckily the floor is tile and not wood or anything else that would get destroyed with water.


@wadekind: Oh yeah, I ordered an inexpensive Da Vinci Flying Machine model from National Geographic and I got a big expensive globe instead. I called them and they said, sorry, keep the globe and we'll send you the model. I donated the globe to an after-school program in the barrio and they were so excited to get it, as they'd been shopping for one and couldn't afford it.


@cengland0: They have those spring loaded shower curtain rods. My moms doors were delayed and thats what she used for almost 3 months.


@cengland0: Um. Spring-loaded tension rod and a $3 plastic shower curtain?


I took a chance and ordered something cheap off goldengadgets once b/c of a deal I saw on deals.woot. Credit card was charged but nothing was ever shipped/arrived and no response to several emails. Don't know if I would call it a company mistake or my own for ordering off a website I was unfamiliar with.