questionsever try throwing pistachio nut shells in your…


yeah, Nuts are extremely high energy bits of plantlife. I recall doing the physics experiment back in Highschool where we took a 1 liter beaker of water, and tried to raise the temperature by burning various things under it. couple matches? no dice. birthday candle? got 4 degrees. 1 shelled walnut on the other hand got the liter boiling, and it was still burning.


Must remember to bring pistachios to next camp fire...will peanut shells work too?


Nice to know. Next time I have a fire I'll bust out the pistachios.


I don't think I would throw the red ones in just because of the dye they use. The reason they dye them is because pistachio shells in their natural state are brown mottled with dark spots and are unattractive.


No, it doesn't even strike me as remotely safe.