questionswhat do you think about the roomba (was it worth…


I have two of them.

1. Neither of them are working 100%. One does not charge batteries and the other doesn't rotate the brushes.

2. I use one to charge the batteries and then put the charged battery into the other unit.

3. It picks up dust and other debris very nicely. I'm impressed with how much it picks up. This is a big plus.

4. It moves around in a random order unless it is using the dirt detection (then it goes into a spot cleaning mode for a second) or edge finding mode. This causes the battery to die before it completely cleans the house. I have to go through several cleaning cycles before I'm satisfied with the results.

5. If you have anything lying on the floor, you need to pick it up first. Objects like power cords and USB wires get caught in the brushes and eventually the machine stops. I have a fan with a base that is on a slight angle. It gets stuck on that all the time. It also gets wedged under by coffee table and a chair and cannot get unstuck.


I really like Roomba, but was it worth it? Not really.

We used him pretty regularly until his battery gave out. We bought another battery, but by that time we hadn't used him all the much, so he continued to stand on the sidelines. Now that I live in a house where half the vacuuming is on stairs, I can't justify another.


I love my roomba. Bought one for my home first, then broke down and bought one for work. It helps eliminate the clumps of fur routinely dropped by my dogs. I'll admit i was having trouble at first after spending $250 on a vacuum but after a couple of weeks of not having to vacuum every day and being able to walk barefoot inside without feeling dirt made it all worth it. Power cords and cables arent an issue for mine, unless their is a loose end.. otherwise it runs right over them with no problems. As long as you routinely empty the bin and clean the brushes (takes 5 minutes) you shouldnt have any problems. Battery life on mine is still good and were pushing over a year now. I bought mine at costco anyhow in case it does fail so i can return it anytime ;)
I highly recommend if you have pets like mine. Im sincerely considering purchasing another for the upstairs since im too lazy to walk it up there, but i enjoy that it cleans under the bed which collects a lot of dust..


Yes!! At least, for me. Mine has a scheduler, so I have it run M/W/F. It takes care of my first floor (hardwood), and keeps the vast majority of the pet fur picked up. In fact, I can sweep, then run it, and it still finds things to pick up.

NOTE: I have all hardwood, aside for a 8x7 area rug. It does fine on both, but can't speak about full carpet. Hardwood.. awesome for me.


@kmeltzer: I can confirm this one... I can sweep, vacuum then let roomba go and somehow it still manages to find a full bin everytime! I let mine run all 7 days with the scheduler and it never ceases to amaze me. I have tile and rugs throughout the house it it does great on both and always manages to find its way back to the charger a majority of the time (gets confused in the blinds sometimes. For those areas that it tends to get caught in, they give you two lighthouses which send a signal which acts like a wall to keep roomba away from it... works great unless roomba sabatoges itself by knocking it over while cleaning...


Since I purchased mine, I do have my home professionally cleaned and I purchased a Bissell vac on woot that is fantastic. The roomba sits in a corner unused. Actually if I need to vacuum I use the Bissell because the Roomba get stuck under things or in tough to get at places.


We love ours and won't go without one again.


It works well but it defiantly struggles with pet hair in its brushes. I have a Border Collie and when it is shedding season I cannot use mine. The brushes fill up with hair which is difficult to clean and it gets inside the side "gear" for the brush. However during times of normal shedding it works very well for basic floor debris and lets me cut back on normal vacuuming. If you have long hair pets do be aware it takes a fair amount of upkeep even with the "pet brushes".