questionsdid you eat your free steak dinner from outback…


I still don't understand what happened that night. No matter what address I put down, it told me there was only 1 allowed per household. I got nothing. It's not so bad though, I don't really care for Outback anyway


I did use it and you know what? It wasn't bad. I wasn't expecting a great steak, but it was a nicely cooked thick six ouncer. I was actually surprised at the quality for Outback. Your mileage may vary of course.


By the time I got to it they were all out.


I received the confirmation email that my voucher had been mailed and was on its way. Then it never arrived. Either it got lost or someone took it enroute. My mailbox is locked, so if it was stolen, it would have been by a USPS employee. So, I hope it was just lost or misrouted.

I did send Outback an email to let them know that my voucher never arrived. I doubt they will or can do anything about it and probably just think I'm looking for another voucher. Which I totally understand from their point of view, so no sour grapes here.

In any case, no steak dinner for me. I was looking forward to giving Outback another try, since I probably haven't eaten there in 6-7 years or more, despite there being one within 10 minutes of my home. It's just not the first place I think of when I think steak.


I tried yesterday and realized they weren't open for lunch. But yes, tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the reminding everyone.


UPDATE: I just heard back from Outback, they are going to deactivate my original voucher and reissue me a new one! That's awesome and totally unexpected.

@epixinc: See my update above. If you haven't received your voucher, it appears they can reissue you a new one. It's worth at least sending them an email.


I never got mine in themail.


I'd like to take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice steak dinnner and never call her again!


@woothulhu: One of my favorite quotes of all time... altering seems wrong, but fits this topic so well


Yes, used mine about a month ago, it was delicious!!


Yes, my house-guest used it - a picky eater who said the steak was really good! "Really good" was high praise; didn't even offer me a bite to taste. I had excellent salmon. That was a great offer from Outback. Wish they'd repeat it! Have since bought $10 coupons for $5. Love their new wood-grill!


Yes, used it a few weeks ago. It was pretty good, I added the shrimp which were tasty but pricey at almost $4 for 3 shrimp.


We used it soon after it arrived. My steak was way too salty, but I find that of a lot of foods when I eat out. They did take it back and make me another one without so much salt/seasoning and was quite tasty, so good experience.


I got one and so did my friend. If we go together will they let us both use it at the same table the same night, or is it a limit one per table?


Oh and also - I got an email from them that said:

Aussie's aren't just good at grilling steaks, we're bonzer listeners too. You can now use your Free Steak Dinner voucher:
• Any day of the week
• Through October 31, 2011


loved it. the restaurant was empty. the server probably was glad to see a customer. economy took a hit on my local Outback.