questionshas anyone here successfully removed the "data…


After reading about the method posted, there were several people that were successful in removing it 100%.


I did not read the link, but... Try doing a system restore to as far back as possible. (changed made, including adding software, updates, viruses, uninstalling viruses will be removed.)

You will still want to ensure your startup folder is empty.

Keep your network cable unplugged from your pc as much as possible.
Get superantispyware (yes, worst name ever but it works) Run it
Get malwarebytes. Run it.

Check you DNS on you pc to ensure it was not changed.
Start> control panel> local area connection> properties> highlight IPv4 > properties. This should be obtain.... if not select it.

Tell Superantispyare that you do not want it to boot with your PC.

editIn this order, Check you DNS and run superantispyware get updates and rerun malwarebytes get updates. Some of this crap will stop you from getting malware bytes the first 2 steps will make sure you can download and use it.


Can't comment on the virus but I don't find 90 second page loads to be uncommon with internet explorer. Have you tried Chrome or Firefox?


We had run into that nasty one a few times where at one of my former jobs. It is bad, very bad, and I cannot stress that enough. Any sort of "virus" that infects safe-mode is rough. If you have made recovery disks in the past that may be your only option. Luckily it was company policy to store all data on network drives vs locally, so the few times that virus managed to get onto a computer we just wiped it clean and started over. And if someone had local data stored on the machine, oh well, they weren't following company policies. Good luck, hopefully someone with more patience can offer some advice.


I did this (on Windows XP):

Download: RKill -
Download: SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition -
Download: Unhide -

I booted up in Safe Mode w/o networking.
Ran RKill (stops all programs besides explorer.exe)
Install / Run SuperAnti Spyware (Do a FULL scan)
Reboot into normal mode

Then, if all of your stuff is missing (Desktop and My Documents, etc), the virus probably marked all of your files as hidden. Use Unhide to make all files visible again.

I haven't had any problems since I did all that.

This is the guide I followed (for the most part)
(You could also just follow the one I linked if you want)

Hope that helps.


@benyust2: 1.5 minutes page load time is not uncommon? Wow! I never seen that even on older PC's running IE unless there is something seriously wrong or they're using a dial-up connection.

Chrome is pretty sweet, but IE works well enough too.


I can't remember what the virus name was, but my uncle had a nasty virus that would shut everything down and wouldn't allow anything to be installed. It would override the entire system and demand you pay $79.95 to remove the "viruses it found". There was no way in Hell that I'd ever pay a scammer to go away, so I figured out a work-around.

I booted up the PC and before the program had a chance to load, I loaded task manager and started cancelling processes (I only had about 10 seconds to disable it before it took over again). I managed to close out the right one and was able to do a simple uninstall from there. A few sweeps with anit-spyware and antivirus software seemed to remove the rest. A registry cleaner removed the dead entries and all was well from there on out. I have since helped a dozen people get rid of the same sort of parasitic programs.

The best advice I can give: If you're not familiar with the page, stay off of it. If you don't know the person, don't open the email.


Sure, reformat your computer. Problem solved.


Thank you for all the responses so far.

@cengland0: I saw also where some people were 100% successful, but I'm apparently one that wasn't.
@caffeine_dude: I'm still weighing my options. More results in this post.
@benyust2: My pre-plague refresh was 5-10 seconds or less.
@eraten: Thanks for the good wishes. I'm trying.
@vbatz89: Thanks, but I'm Win 7. Not sure if it would work.
@bsmith1: Yeah, 90 seconds is an eternity compared to 5-10 seconds. :)
@capguncowboy: Glad you found a work-around. I'm cool except for my refresh rate. BTW, I had done nothing other than my daily regimen so I don't know WTF it came from. I don't open unfamiliar emails. They get the big red X. :)
@iggz: I ♥ you!


Here's where I am so far: I downloaded and ran Superantispyware, and it cleaned out 243 potential threats, and I believe they were all cookies. I ran a quick scan and a full scan. I have also discovered that any new tab loads almost instantly, but the F5/refresh is what's eating me up. Does it have to do with cacheing or something? I'm clueless at this point. Still looking for a definitive solution...anybody?


@jsimsace: try to clear your internet history as well -- it also wouldn't hurt to run C Cleaner to be sure you've got the bad registry files out as well. I'm not sure what else you can do, honestly.

Have you attempted using a different browser?


I've had a long history using Sunbelt Software's Vipre AV and some of their other security products before they were acquired by GFI. They have a free boot time scanner that will remove your issue.

This scanner is a pretty large download because it contains a huge database of known threats plus repair algorithms to fix some malware damage after the threats themselves are dealt with.

The name of the application is PC Vipre Rescue and it is updated almost daily with the latest malware data. It can be downloaded to the machine or to a flash drive and can be run from the command mode. Details, instructions and the download can be found at:

As noted above, if you have folders and files marked hidden you may want to use something like "Unhide" to speed the process of making them visible again.


I would look at this link from Bleeping Computer: Link

They will help you resolve the issues you are having. Also, you can post a Hijack log for them to review.

By the way, what security software are you using?


I see someone already linked you to Bleeping Computer. That's what I get for not reading the entire thread before posting... sorry!


atf cleaner is free and you do not need to install, just run from the exe.
It will clear all the history, cache...Check it out.


Downvotes for suggesting a reformat?

Man you are all a bunch of amateurs.


@caffeine_dude: Thanks but I fixed it now. Page refreshes in <5 seconds. Thanks to everyone for trying to help here!


@jsimsace: But did you really fix it? Or are there some files left behind that are transmitting your every keystroke back to the Russian mafia? I guess you will never know for sure.