questionswhat is wrong with my water pipes?


It sounds like a problem with the divert-er, either there is something loose or it is worn out. Maybe a seal if it has them.

It happens in the morning when the water system is cold and possibly has some air in it from sitting all night.

If you are the handy type, you can fix this yourself.


Pipes will rattle when the pressure fluctuates. In most cases, you don't hear them rattle because they've been secured to the inside of the wall properly. When they're not, they'll rattle.

A lot of the times, the whining in your pipes is caused by an airlock (air bubble in your pipes). There are all sorts of ways to resolve these, but if I started listing them, then how would you be able to kill time on google? :) I got rid of my airlock by running all of the faucets and tubs (and flushing the toilets in my house at the same time for a few minutes. This forces the air out of the water lines.


I'd guess a pipe to the shower head (so after the water has been diverted) has come loose and is rubbing or vibrating against a stud. If this or something else has damaged the tub or shower piping/diverter then it can effect the temperature causing you to get all hot/cold. You are likely loosing water pressure because the water that coming from a water heater that isn't ready for the load. Does your water heater have a programable thermostat meant to save energy? if so you can set it to be ready for you in the morning. Can you leave the diverter on before starting the shower? that may solve your temp problems. it could also help with the noise by fixing it so that the pipe is not vibrating so much.

IANAP, I've just had to deal with a lot of these issue myself.


@nmchapma: 'losing', not 'loosing', -1 for spelling


@philosopherott: I live in a duplex that I own.

Thanks to everyone for their input. I'll investigate and see what's up - at least now I have a general idea of what to look for.


@sirlouie: Check your pressure reducer valve to ensure it's working properly. That might explain the fluctuating pressure