questionswhat are your thoughts on cloud gaming?


I personally love the idea. If I didn't already own all the systems, I would have OnLive.
My only complaint is the pricing. They need to drop prices on the games or something because they are digitally distributing the game to us with no case, paperwork, shipping, or middlemen. Give us a break.

I do agree with the internet issue thing though. If my internet goes down i wouldn't be able to play anything whereas now I can still game offline with my consoles.


@wickedd365: I think it would also severely limit who could buy their systems also since not everyone has or can afford high speed internet.


@segafanalways: Good point. Didn't think about that. It would cut down on the number of gamers out there severally.


Commonly, my internet gives me 80-120 ms lag. That doesn't seem like a lot, but its can be enough to cause problems with multiplayer gaming, and then you have to double that for cloud gaming since the processing is done across the wire.

Also, I have netflix, they have a hard enough time streaming me high quality HD content. All of it has to be compressed in order to send it fast enough and efficient enough that they can get by with all this bandwidth they use, but it is lossy compressed. Dark scenes are usually littered with artifacts. I think this would totally trash the single player experience...

Maybe it's my internet, but I have 10 Mbps down, so I doubt it. I just don't see cloud gaming working out.


@rockytrh: I have 7Mbps ( the maximum available in my area) and I have the same problem. And if I want to game while my wife streams a movie it severely affects both.


Interesting topic. I'm in my 50's and was thinking the other day that this "cloud" stuff is where I become an old fogey. I have more or less kept up till now, but when I pay for a song and it asks me if I want to keep it in the cloud or download it to my PC, the question feels absurd to me. Give me my danged song! I don't want it stored "up in the clouds" like some kind of unicorns and castles fairy dream. I want it in my hand. like something I bought and paid for. It seems like some kind of weird Ponzi scheme, "I'll sell you my bike, but I'll keep it here in my garage and you can come over and ride it whenever you want". Sigh. I must be getting old.


I don't want physical media taken away because it allows me to buy used games, share games, and sell games. Game publishers are licking their chops at anything that will reduce or eliminate that.

We are too far removed from the reality of cloud gaming on any mass scale. I can see it being very normal 10 years from now, but it won't be on the next console.


It's both good and bad. I like the way Steam does cloud gaming, in that it saves your progress and achievements in the cloud. PSN also offers something similar with PS+, in that it can do an online backup of all your game files if you use more than one system.

I do like physical media, but fully online's not that bad. Can save shelf space, for one. It also is nice that it's saved, so if a system gets lost or damaged, you can just redownload because it's all associated with your account. This luxury isn't really available with physical media.

That being said, I still would prefer physical media. Why, I can't really say. I feel that if I'm paying full retail for a game, I want the physical copy. My current view is one unwilling to pay $60 for something purely digital. But perhaps that is subject to change.

Perhaps I'm just old-fashioned.


Here is my issue.... anything in the cloud has it limits. If my internet goes out (which has happened) so does my gaming system. If I can't waste time surfing the internet OR playing games, I will go crazy!


Heres a preview of Onlive:
Not for competitive players. Great for casual games. Great for trying out games before you buy. Play any game free for 30 minutes.


@macoland: It'll be fine for some but not for all, but then again many games are going the way of being plugged in just to play it. This way you don't need a physical game on hand.