questionshave you encountered a kid's toy you swear was…


We had/have one of those Playskool kitchens that has freaked me out as well. It has buttons on the microwave to make sounds and when you turn the little stove handles it makes noises .... anyway ... Batteries are way dead in this thing and I bought it at a garage sale never even knew it made noise.

As old batteries do this one charged itself up a little bit over time and had fallen down in my daughters room. I go to check on them before I go to sleep and these popping noises and boiling noises are going scares the living daylights out of me .... I would toss to toy but they love it so every now and then I still get scared by that stupid possed kitchen set.


The kids' toys? No.

The kids? Yes.


My daughter has a creepy baby doll that holds up a blanket to it's face and says "peek-a-boo I see you" or "I see you mommy." I think it is motion activated or sound activated. That damn, yes I think it is damned, thing sounds off at all hours of the day and night. My daughter gets a kick out of it but on a couple occasions I have thought that I turned it off and just about have a heart attack walking by it. If only the movie Childs Play was never created.


Furbys, man... They came right out of the walls - screaming their gibberish in the night.


Two words. Howdy Doody.


My granddaughter has some doll that makes all kinds of noises, motions, etc. I have no idea what sets it off. I was sitting in her living room one day (she hadn't played with it in days) and all of a sudden I started to hear a noise coming from the playroom of a baby cackling (obviously a toy) randomly in short bursts. I was the first person awake, no one had been in the room for over 8 hours (no pets either). I walked in a few times and couldn't find it but finally caught it in the act. I switched it off, but it still made the noise - it finally stopped in some random on position. Either faulty electronics or possessed...I believe possessed.


For Easter we hid eggs outside. Hubby found the last one a few weeks ago. I took money out and set open egg on table. Next morning pingpong ball was stuck (still is) in one side of egg. We do not have a pingpong table.


Furbys X 1000! Those things were demon spawned, I'm sure of it. shudder

Not real fond of ZhuZhu pets either...the grandkids have lost one in my car somewhere and it goes off at random times while I'm driving. :-/


I used to have this yo yo that looked like a stuffed bear or monkey in a karate outfit. When you used it like a yo yo it would make noises like "Aiieee!" "Kiiiiiya!" etc... well one night in the middle of the night it starts going "Kiiiiiiiya!!" all by itself. I hadn't played with it in weeks and it was on my bedside table so I could see that no one was messing with it. I put it downstairs but could still hear it making karate sounds throughout the night.


I got my kid a Chucky doll one time. It stalked my son, Andy. I'm pretty sure it was possessed.

That doll met his demise after marrying one of my daughters dolls, but only after he murdered like a thousand people.

There's a movie about it... or 7


@happyknappybeard: haha I had a Furby that would randomly go off in the middle of the night too. I used to have it leave messages on my friend's answering machine who swore the Furby was possessed.


Ok, my three year old has a doll like your toy#1. Only this thing has this sadistic little laugh that it let's out sometimes, it has some kind of timer on it, I think.

Anyway our power was out for a couple of days, and this thing scared the s... out of me while I was doing my normal intruder check. I thought it was turned off, and to make sure this time I took the batteries out.

Next night, we heard about some problems in the hood and that was another sleepless night for me. I went to check on things in the basement in the pitch black, and the doll let out that scream again!

Needless to say there is a fresh mound of dirt in the back yard and I'm not above blaming the dog for it's time he takes one for the team!

Yes, I did replace it with a non-possessed version with No batteries!


The pink laughing box that comes in a felt bag. Circa 1975 or so. Still gives me heebie jeebies. I remember having to take the darn batteries out to get it to stop laughing.


My Linda Blair action figure


@gigi889: Maybe not a toy, but DEFINITELY the creepiest story! Sounds like something you would see on a horror movie, just before the REALLY creepy stuff happens.

I have to agree about the Furbies. My sister was living alone and fought the crowds on Black Friday to buy a couple for her nieces. In the middle of the night one of the critters suddenly and slowly chanted "na na na na NA na" in a creepy voice. Urg! This was the year the darn things hit the market and she STILL won't be around them!


Another vote for Furbies. Those things should have never been made.


My mother in law gave my son a "My Buddy" doll in the early 90's. Chucky's little brother. My kid was terrified of it. After he buried it in the closet, colored it's face with marker, cut the hair, I got the message when I found it in the outside garbage can. I felt guilty for years. It probably caused his night terrors. All dolls are creepy and clowns are the worst...Now, please keep in mind, his grandmother is very creepy too..


Not personally, but I had a friend in my youth that was convinced one of her dolls attacked the others. She then kept it in the attic. At the time, I made a joke of it.......BIG MISTAKE.