questionswhat pc game should i be playing right now?


If you wait a few weeks, the much anticipated BF3 is coming out. I've watched a few trailers. I'm normally a fan of the COD series, but I am really impressed with the detail. So long Activision! EA, here I come!


If you like FPS/RPG's you should pick up the Fallout 3/New Vegas series and then DEFINITELY Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


@bonoman: I agree about Deus Ex. I played the Xbox version and it was terrific. My coworker played through the PC version and they sound pretty muh the same. Great gameplay and tons of fun, but the storyline... could have been better.


@bonoman: I have Fallout 3 (and want to replay it), I really want New Vegas. I've heard great things.

I've enjoyed the Fallout series, the only one I haven't played was Tactics.

I loved the Original Deus Ex and I'm looking forward to HR as well.


im playing TF2, Minecraft, and this MMO that's almost 2 years old called Deals.woot


@wootfast: Holy cow, has deals woot only been around for two years? It feels like forever.


Its not a new game, but I picked up Borderlands for around $7 from a recent Steam sale and am absolutely loving it. I highly recommend it.


Minecraft is a fantastic sandbox-style game. If you loved legos as a kid, minecraft will stir that creative side once again.

Also, not enough people know about this game:

Turn the lights off, the sound up and prepare to be too afraid to finish the game :)


Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2 if you want to dabble in RTS.


If you are more RPG heavy, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are both awesome, but skyrim is fantasy, so not so much an FPS (Still very very good though, and fallout does have FPS elements to it). Borderlands is good if you like FPS games, and more prefer the leveling system associated with RPGs. The story, however, is a bit... lacking in comparison to, say, fallout. Portal 2 was fun, but I don't see too much replay value to it. watch for it on a steam sale. Dead island also has a strong FPS/RPG feel to it, but I would recommend getting it on a steam sale. It's definitely worth $20, but I'm on the border about $40.
Not really any good RTS games to come out recently. Starcraft 2 came out about a year ago, and that was the last great RTS I can think of.

As a final note: Avoid Duke nukem forever if you only plan to buy one game. I got it for $5, and that's about the most I'd spend on it.