questionsvibram five finger shoes?


I have friends that love them and friends that hate them. I would recommend buying them from a store with a flexible return policy.


I swear someone else asked about them recently.

Or they were discussed in a running shoe thread, found it: I hear great things about them, but you have to like wearing stuff around your toes. I prefer loose fitting shoes around my toes and a fitted heel so I know I would never get used to them. Also if you have any need for a support shoe you may want to talk to your orthopaedic doctor first as they will not provide any of that.


@hobbit: I mentioned them and posted a link in one of the threads. They have gotten excellent reviews. Same price as a decent pair of runners. I think there might be an issue with running on gravel. Really would like to hear from people who use them.

They remind me of the toe socks I used to wear as a kid with my platform shoes.


@lavikinga: my boss from the running store wears them. He is a neutral runner and he loves them. He says it is like running barefoot. I am thinking they are only for running on well prepared areas, not gravel. Although there is a whole movement for running barefoot.


They are the best things that have happened to my feet. i have tried getting everyone i know into them and basically... if you have strong feet you then you can use them. if you have a weak arch or other foot problems, stay away. i do not run long distances in them, but i have done 3 miles on a treadmill and lots of outdoor sports. i love them, but can see others hating them. smell is an issue, but they are easy to wash at least. The socks are a rip off for sure based on price, but they are nice if you are going to have the shoes on for an entire day.