questionshow did you pick your screen name for woot?


I agree with above. I used my handle from gaming and other online identities.


I was getting ready to ride my toy horse into town and shoot my cap gun at the local villain and this name just seemed to make sense


I have a lot of food allergies and one of my friends used to call me miss. allergic


old nickname from my high school (and before) days, then added some numbers that have meaning


@coolphilip04: I find it funny that the first answer to the question you linked to has two other questions asking the same thing.

@mkentosh: how did you get yours?


Let me think about this one for a minute.


Tales of Symphonia is an RPG for the Gamecube. One of the main characters in the story is called Mithos, an angel of sorts. One of my favorite things about the game is that all of the characters, names and places are based on Norse Mythology. Anyways, I liked the name Mithos so when I tried to join a website the name was already taken so I chose another. Two days into the site I saw someone named HolyMithos get banned. So, I decided to take the name. The site wouldn't let me take the name so I decided to switch up the I with a Y and hence HolyMythos. I like it with the Y better anyways. Much more symmetry.


Once upon a time, at like 4am I realized that I haven't gone to sleep and needed to be up in two hours to go to work....


When I signed up for my first e-mail account, about 15 years ago, I tried to use "stingray". That was taken, of course. So I added my birth year (hey, I was 11). A couple years later, in middle school, my friends and I started using names of dragons from the Dragonlance book series as screennames. "Khellendros" was the character name I chose. Signing up for e-mail...same problem as "stingray" (same solution, too). I continue to use it mostly out of nostalgia (and because I've got accounts I've had for a decade, using the same name)


@crapinmybagfromwoot: It's been an hour now. Tell us already!!!!!!!! I need to know the mystery behind your username


Same screenname I use for everything.
Xbox, Yahoo!, Twitter, you name it, except eBay. It's a name from before this one.


it's suppose to be self-descriptive


yes, I'm aiming for the character limit here:

In 1991, as a pc tech, I transferred to the sales bullpen at a wholesale distributor. If you didn't have any accounts, you picked up call-ins. I would answer the phone before it stopped ringing and say "ThisIsMatt" really fast. The other salesreps gave me the nickname Snap.

In 1994 when I started my own wholesale distributor, I chose the name Synapse Micro, Inc. because I liked the word Synapse. However, the kicker was if you said it fast, it sounded like Snap's Micro Inc. (micro in this day would imply "microcomputer distribution", e.g. Ingram Micro)

In the late 90's, when blogs first emerged on the scene, I would go by Snap. Often Snap was hard to grab though and by the time World of Warcraft came out in the '01/'02 time period, I had evolved it to Snapster. Annoyingly, most people thought it was a play on Napster but it was far easier to find available on most sites.

By the time we designed Woot in '04, it was my standby handle.


it's what my grandkids call me, without the numbers:)


My first online try for a handle was my name... for some reason Juno email (yeah - i started late) didn't have any variations available... so I spelled it backward, and added a number. I switched to "Kwan" (for no real explicable reason) about '92-'93 ish, then a close friend who had seen Hudson Hawk yelled out "BIGSTAN" as I walked into the pub/club/bar we hung out at. That was about '94 ish.

I've been Bigstan since. (woefully outdated... but it's all mine)


It's what I'm on here looking for everyday! ;->


@dealseekerdude: just to clarify, are you a dude looking for a deal everyday or are you a woman looking for a man who seeks deals? I'm only asking because your answer implies the latter while your username implies the former.


I'd swear I typed this somewhere recently, but it wasn't in any of the questions I checked from those mentioned above.

baqui63 was originally an AIM screenname dating back to the mid-90's. I tend to use it for things like forum accounts wehre I don't want to use an email address.

It is from the Chinese 白鬼, literally "white ghost," a Cantonese derogatory term for "white foriegner." It would be better transliterated as bakgwei.

I was born in 1963, thus the 63.


@captainsuperdawg: For clarification purposes, I am a Dude that daily Seeks Deals. Long Live Woot!! ;->


Packers + pac-man + love of slurpees (or birthday... or both)


It's the name of my store, which includes my name (Cheri) and an homage to Steve Perry:

Please, please, PLEASE let me know if I have successfully given you an earworm :-)


@dealseekerdude: Thank you for that. You saved me from using a pickup line and then having to awkwardly deal with the fact that I just hit on a guy


I stupidly used my name...wish I could change it to something really cool.


One of my 'standard' handles... My town + my name + I like trains (KCJones = Casey Jones, get it? Okay, it's lame, I admit it).


December 10th 2004. I saw my favorite band of 10 years, modest mouse, for the very first time Live (went on to see them 10 more times over the years) but this was the very first time I had ever heard cowboy dan live. After that day it became my favorite song and I quickly made the switch to all my names to CowboyDann. When Dann Gallucci was in the band they would write Cowboy Dann on the setlist instead of Cowboy dan.


shoot that implies I've listened to modest mouse since they were recording in their shed and weren't even really modest mouse yet. They were my favorite band of a few years, I've been listening to them for 10 years now.