questionsvicks scented candle...?


I'm sure you could probably make one with a candle making kit. Vicks is mostly wax anyway.

Oh, well - apparently it's made of organic solvents and turpentine and is highly flammable. Probably not a good thing for burning as a candle. Furthermore, probably not 100% safe to breathe the fumes


Look for something that has Eucalyptus scent. That is what you are smelling.


I always hated the smell of Vicks, so no I would not use one. Good luck in your search, though.


If you're sick, candles isn't what you need (too diluted). You need an aromatherapy system that burns essential oils. You burn a tealight candle which heats up a dish of water with several drops of the essential oil, in your case Eucalyptus. In the past I have just kept the vial of Eucalyptus oil on hand and just sniffed away.