questionshow can i play blu-ray on windows vista home basic


Do you have a built-in Blu-ray drive? If not, just get a external one. then you can use the PowerDVD, Total media player, Easy DVD Player, etc. to enjoy Blu-ray on your lattop


Sock puppets trying to boost each other’s rep? Maybe. If not; do you even have a Blu-ray drive? That would be the first clue, if you do any media player which can handle the H264 format will be able to handle BR playback. Just to be safe, installing the klite codec pack will help. VLC Media player is also a sure-thing, and it's free. I hope you're not just asking/answering your own bogus questions to boost your rep though, if so I just wasted a minute of my day helping a shill.


@eraten: Don't you need a flux capacitor to do all of that? I agree with your "Spidey Sense". :)


@eraten: Not true at all. You need licensed software to play back BluRay discs, such as PowerDVD. The only way to get around it is to actually use less-than-legal methods to rip or buffer the video files on your PC and play them back using an unlicensed program. It's not as simple as firing up an H.264-compatible video player and popping the BD in.
Obviously, you also need to actually have a BD drive as well...