questionsgame suggestions for pre-teens?


I think they make a kid-friendly version of Apples2Apples

ETA - they make many versions! And here's a list at Amazon


@thumperchick: Thanks! That's a good one. Played it at a party once; it was a lot of fun : )


A lot of the Pop-Cap video games are kid friendly, I highly suggest Plants vs Zombies.

Board game wise, my family really likes the various Scene-It games. There are many iterations of these, that go from Disney, to Harry Potter, to movies, and on... and on.


Ticket to Ride is a good strategy board game that most kids that age can understand and play fairly well.


Mario Kart is a ton of fun. Bananagrams is great for non-video. Classics like Clue, Monopoly, Life are always good too. Oh and Jenga. Jenga is awesome.


Just pay attention to the ratings, they help. T is for 13 and up, probably the highest I would go right now.
Here's a list of the ratings for games.


Spot it:

This is technically a card game. But it's a blast. My 25+ yr. old friends from college and I had a blast playing it. And it's so great we're buying the Jr. version for our 4 year old nephew.

It's easy enough that anyone can play (it's just a picture matching game), but it's such a challenge that you could never outgrow it. Great for groups of 6 or more to play at once.

And if you get bored playing it, there's actually 3 or 4 different games you can play with the same cards.

vote-for6vote-against This is likely to make everyone happy. 80 games are included, and you can always hunt down more of the old cartridges and play those as well.

I'm planning to get one, :)


@gt0163c: A thousand times Ticket to Ride. This is a great game to break into the "Eurogame" genre and it is fun for all ages.


Killer Bunnies card game, Dominion, Balderdash, Story Cubes, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers to name a few.


Mille bornes is a fun card game. My neighbors play Skip-Bo all the time, but they turn it into a drinking game. In a pickle is fun but it can lead to some heated debates.


@purplefeather: Hahaha, that may be coming to our house for a surprise gift... Thanks!


@lonelypond @thumperchick: The creators of Apples to Apples (which I love) make a game called In a Pickle that I really like. It's less challenging for adults than Apples to Apples, but my favorite part of both games is that they engender conversation: the game is kinda the excuse to keep everyone around the table together.


If video game, I'd recommend DDR or Just Dance. In my family, both young and old love these games :)


A tried-and-true game is Pictionary. Not sure if there is a junior version or not.


Thank you all for the excellent suggestions. I'm adding some to my own Christmas list while no longer wondering how to reboot my present picking mojo. And I can start watching for sale prices ; )


@flyinggirl: I am truly awful at Mario Kart but it's so much fun : )


Love Mario Kart, but it can be frustrating if you and/or others played before and they haven't. Always fun with more people. The sports stuff always works for a while, but the Wii version has definitely been overplayed for a lot of people.
For board games, I'm a big fan of Catan and Carcassonne, since they're fairly easy to pick up. Apples to Apples is great for a group of people. Also, Bananagrams is great if your family is into that. My family played a ton of that this past summer, to the point where we were adding special rules to change it up.