questionschallenge: daily planner


Franklin Covey?


I have used a Franklin Covey planner for years. This year I switched to a basic pocket planner that I can carry in my purse, plus I use the calendar on my phone.

Oh I pay my bills online I don't use a planner for that.


@escfrizby: Wait. What? Are you talking about something that's PAPER? I can't even picture it. If you mean something digital, please clarify. There's always Google Calendar (the price is right).

I use my blackberry. I love my blackberry. I used to use a palm pilot, back in the day.

Dang. It's like traveling back in time. Paper. Wow.


Well, I'm going to confess something here. I use a dollar store weekly planner. That's right. The one I just bought is called an academic planner. It has a cheap vinyl cover in your choice of colors. But that thing holds up to quite a lot of use. I tuck appointment cards and notes in the pages.
Believe me, if I could find a fancier one that I liked I'd get it. But this one is just the right size, with big blocks for each day, and its lightweight.