questionswhat do you use 18650/14500/17500/18500/17670…


FWIW Here's an ebay buying guide for 18650 batteries. Okay, I admit I didn't read it; it was TLDR for me. Hope it'll be useful for you.


Short answer, specifically for LED flashlights. 18650's and similar cells have no memory effect and can hold charges longer. For LEDs of high lumen design, they maintain full brightness longer than disposable or rechargeable LI cells. Typically used in tactical gear.


Yeah, they are pretty much exclusively for flashlights.

Moral: Buy more flashlights! Whee!!!


According to Wikipedia:

This cell type (18650) is used in many laptop computer batteries, the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, and LED flashlights.[26]


They can be used to power up devices that use simple motors. As an example:

Just be sure that what you are playing with is only a mechanical motor, you could short out more sensitive electronics.


Li-Ion cells are used in lots of stuff - the thing is, you typically never actually see the cells. The first example that comes to mind is that big hot thing that's probably in /near your lap right now..
If you tear open an old laptop battery, what is it you find..?
18650 bonanza!
They're usually stuffed full of ~half dozen unprotected Li-Ion cells.. (Unprotected cells = dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.)

These cell's really are interesting though, I'm a big flashlight fan myself (Just picked up an XM-L2 U3! turned out to be an XP-E. Thanks China :).)

One of the things I've taken interest in lately are custom modded Cree mag-lites..!

Check out the monster 32650 (D-cell Li-Ion basically) these take - 11 hours runtime!
Last funfact: 3xAAA = 1 Li-Ion, so in some flashlights you can use the 3xAAA converters interchangeably.


Also electronic vaporizers, a lot of the nicer ones use these battery types.

edit well the 18650's at least


Tesla created the standard Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mAh cells for use in their Tesla autos. Model S has an 85kwh and 60 kwh option. by math extension, I think that would be about 27500 batteries.